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  1. Hi there, I am a new member, so I apologize if i posted this int he wrong section. I just had a couple of questions regarding my faith. I was baptized and confirmed a lutheran. Every now and then I get doubts in my head regarding my faith. I try delving into apologetics, and even though there is an abundance of good material out there, i guess I dont' know where to start. At times, I question if God is even real. I guess I get so caught up in the current views ofs ociety and science, that seems to put God on the backburner. I pray that I could become closert o God but it doesnt seem to help. Another factor that affects my faith is the fact there are so many religions out there. Somebody once told me that religion is just part of the evolution ofh umans. I didn't want to believe this. I am still a church goer, pray daily, and read the bible (need to work ont his more). Any advice wouldb e great!
  2. You must be reading a lot then!

    Be careful of what you read….
    even seasoned, experienced lawyers, when they take a case they initially do not personally believe in…
    Once they research for the sake of the case….
    Eventually they found themselves accepting the merit of the case they do not agree in the first place…

    Lots of teachers out there, lots of students expressing their thoughts claiming as if know teach the way, the truth and the life…

    One thing i noticed, ancient and moderns teachers, philosophers alike always have a disclaimer on what they teach…”don’t blame me”… or “seek the truth yourself!”….

    Only one teacher stands out and he is sure of himself that he says is the Way, the Truth and the Life….

    We are all students of life…choose your teacher well.
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  3. Welcome.

    aha is right -- naturally be careful what you read. This isn't to say don't read everything, but be careful and observant of what you are reading. Be prayerful, be logical, and be astute.

    You are on the right path of looking into apologetics.

    If you concern is the existence of God, you are right in asking this question. I think every Christian should ask "I believe, but why do I believe, and do the arguments stand against Atheistic rhetoric?" I would review the Atheistic argument for why God doesn't exist, but more importantly, also review the Theistic argument for why He does exist.

    Most arguments I hear from Atheism (not even the ones with blatant logical fallacies) fall short of logic. They acknowledge that everything that begins to exist has a cause but refuse to believe the universe does even though it began to exist. They acknowledge that nothing can move without a mover, but refuse to believe that there was no mover in the beginning of the universe.

    I leave it up to the individual as to whether he believes the Big Bang theory is credible or not--believing whether it is or isn't is a requirement for salvation. But the truth is the Big Bang was a theory proposed by a God-believing physicist named Fr. Georges Lemaitre. It was not proposed in order to prove God wasn't necessary for the genesis of the universe, but was a sort of illustration of his creation of the universe. It's a theory, one which people can choose to believe or not believe, but it is not a source to discredit God. Yet Atheism takes the claim that it is. Even Albert Einstein acknowledged this as he was a friend of Lemaitre.

    Evolution is another controversial subject, and it's controversial 1) because it is often used as a tool to discredit God, and 2) because some believe it contradicts the Bible. It may, but there are many Christians who believe in Evolution, not suggesting that the Bible is wrong, but rather that the book of Genesis holds grounds for a non-literal interpretation.

    I wrote in another thread:

    "Many Atheist Evolutionists lay out ten steps necessary to the course of human evolution. Each step is so improbable that before it would even occur, the sun would have ceased to be a main sequent star and would have burned up the earth.

    So the one could hold to the Atheist that if evolution is absolutely true, it would have needed a miracle from God to restrict this from happening. In other words, this provides evidence for God against Atheist Evolutionist rhetoric!"

    I'm not suggesting Evolution, nor the Big Bang, are right or wrong. They don't contribute nor take away the role of God's grace and how we receive it. Nonetheless, if your concern is the existence of God, we as Christians should have a strong foundation for our faith. Our faith doesn't mean "We believe blindly, no matter what the evidence points to." Our faith is based on what the evidence DOES point to, but not that exclusively. The most important part is our relationship with God.

    I'm glad you're still a Christian and still praying. Continue to pray. Always pray for the truth. Don't be afraid to find it, because it will lead to God. Again, echoing aha, be careful what you read because not everything written is factually true.

    I will pray for you.
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    Hi brother, welcome to the forums.

    The best way, I've found, to grow my faith is to live a life of faith. What I mean by that is, read the teachings in the Bible, find out what kind of life it teaches you to live, and go live it. Even if it's not all at once. Take it one step at a time... read something, then do it. Don't just prioritise studying the Bible, prioritise living its teachings. When you put your faith into action, the ways that you witness God working in you and through you will be your most powerful and convincing evidence, for yourself and others. Not that I want to give the impression that I'm all the way there yet myself -- it's a lifelong work. I press on toward that goal, taking it one step at a time. Sometimes I'm a pretty slow walker ;) We're all on that same journey, don't feel alone!

    I don't think it's wrong to study and learn about apologetics, science, ideas in society, etc. But we should also understand that learning about those things is different from having faith in them to lead us to Truth; we can't get to God on our own steam.

    1 Corinthians 2:1-5

    We could place our faith in human wisdom to prove God, but we'd do so in vain. Alternatively, we can put whatever faith we have in God into action, even if it's just faith the size of a mustard seed, and witness His real power at work.

    But, just for clarification so we're all on the same page here -- not that our works are what will save us; salvation is only by God's grace (Ephesians 2:1-10). But "faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." Sometimes I struggle with my faith too; you're not alone in that. But I keep in mind, if my faith is feeling dead, there's a sure way to jolt it back to life: get out there, and live the life God wants me to live. Take action.
    James 2:14-18
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  5. Faith won't grow by believing "harder". Faith is like a muscle: if you want it to grow, you need to exercise it.

    Getting a healthy exercise habit started can be difficult. How can you trust Someone you don't know? So, in addition to Roads' excellent suggestion, I heartily recommend spending lots of time getting to know the God you believe in. As you read and study your Bible, focus on everything it says about who God is and what He is like. Look at all aspects of His character and nature. Investigate the who, what, when, where, how, whys, and why-nots of His interactions with people. Take notes on all you find (i.e. keep a journal). Especially, ask God to reveal Himself more to you (...He does so by showing you more of Jesus!). As you do so, you will find it easier to move from mere belief to real faith.
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  6. My advice would be for you to use true logic and real experiences. This is the last days where scripture says there will be many false doctrines. Use your brain!!! and your spirit!!!

    Logic =

    1. There is a God, just look at your thumb for a while.
    2. Believing in God means nothing as the devils believe.
    3. It is human nature to find peace within / sleep at night. This drives people to brainwash themselves. Sinners / people upset with God for something, constantly tell themselves that God does not exist and grab at straws of 'science' proving there is no God. Scratch any devout atheist and you will see he hates God.
    4. Grasping the impact / significance / protection from God on the Jews OT. Grasping the impact of Jesus on the world NT. This should lead us all to ask God, why? This should also limit the truth to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

    Real experience =

    A real experience is not touching God physically, rather touching Him spiritually. Many people touched Jesus. But only a few ''touched'' Jesus Mark 5:30. We should all be seeking to 'touch' God. God is not hiding and He tells us how to find Him in Psalms 51:17 and Matt 16:24-26.

    Christians live by faith. But it is important that we understand exactly what that faith is!!!! It is NOT faith hat God exists. His existence should be like our knowledge of gravity. That is why scipture says unbelief is as the sin of witchcraft. You defy logic / go against the norm by not believing in God's existence. Rather our faith is in Jesus....1 That Jesus is who He says He is, the Son of God / God and 2. that Jesus paid the price for our sin.

    Then I constantly remind myself of the reality that nobody can truthfully say that Jesus is Lord unless it is revealed to them by God 1 Cor 12:3 and Matt 16:16, 17. This is a very simple acid test.
  7. As for people in other religions. God is not retarded. Whoever draws near to Him, WILL find Him!!!!! James 4:8.

    When any person helps orphans / widows / sick / poor they are drawing near to Him James 1:27. We just need to remember that we can only judge the outside. Whereas God judges / searches the mind and heart.
  8. Our Pastor preached a message this weekend on 3 steps of our faith (our walk with Jesus): #1 being obedience to the scripture AKA: law/the Word. It our 'call of duty' to follow Christ in the law #2 growing your faith into an understanding that the following Christ isn't about a 'religion' (following the law blindly); but we follow because it is a 'privilege'. #3 we grow to the point that our walk with Christ becomes a 'necessity'; we NEED to serve Christ by serving others and spreading the Gospel else we are unfulfilled and have no joy in the Spirit.

    Obedience-leads to Privilege-leads to Necessity. Learning obedience in the law helps us cleanse unholiness in our lives getting us closer to God. Opening our eyes (heart) to the truth of the Lord seeking His face (character). We begin to long to be like Christ maturing into genuine Christians. We can't skip to step 3 without having a foundation through steps 1 & 2.

    Example: Saul knew the law as well as any Pharisee, but his obedience was to the law alone-not the Spirit and Character of Christ. When Paul got 'saved' on the road to Damascus; he began to be obedient to Christ-through knowledge of the 'law' + faith in Jesus Christ + experience with Holy Spirit. Although the 'law' was the same before and after Paul's conversion-Paul's faith changed from the God on paper to God in the person Jesus Christ. It got personal.....

    That's why it is taught to have a "personal" relationship with Christ. The change starts in the seed of the heart seeking truth in God. When the heart truly seeks-our eyes are opened to the True God-not just the 'God on paper'.

    Jesus Christ is so much more than just the Bible; we have to step out in faith-stepping into the spiritual realm. The Bible is the launchpad.....

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