Questionable Method Of Payment

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Mark_18, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. My, my, my, Mark! And here I thought you were with the Joke Police!
  2. Uhoh is it a repeat?
  3. Sorry, Mike! Guess I'm in the dark. I didn't know your job description. I thought it was to keep lame jokes off the forum. hehe. No offense meant. No, it has not been on before that I know of.
  4. My name changed to Mike? How come nobody tells me these things? :D

  5. Don’t get too upset Matt.
    Did anyone tell you your name is Matt today?

    And by the way, you’re 75 years old now and your dentures are ready to pick up. :eek:
    (that should make you feel better) :D
  6. Oh man.... How are my finances these days?
  7. Finances are zip as you have not paid your bill..... He he :D:D

    Now as for the joke police , I think your badge will be revoked .... he he on the grounds that your joke is not really a joke .... LOL :D:D:D


    [​IMG]But on the other hand your sins are paid in full.


  8. You might want to get another job.
    You still owe me a new truck and a new boat.

    You forget things when you get old.
    Don’t forget that. :confused: :p :)
  9. Oh sorry guys I really forgot all this. What kind fo boat and truck? Did I wreck yours?
  10. You mean you don't remember ...... Hmmmm ... your farther down the line than I thought ..... LOL .... Teee Heee :D:D:D:D


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