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  1. If I heard something disturbing about a certain Christian group, am I allowed to ask about it on here? If it is true, it is something everyone should know, but I know there are forum rules and I don't want to break them. I'm not sure if it's been discussed before.
  2. It's OK to ask sincere questions, but of course they'll be monitored.
  3. Along those lines... We must remember that we are warned not to gin up or perpetuate scandal within the body.....

    Please be very careful...

    We are to discern a tree by it's FRUIT.... If good fruit are being borne - then the tree is good.... In this case my advice is to take your personal witness directly to the leader of the group in question.... and be willing to overlook (but not necessarily personally take part in) the broken-ness of "Broken vessels"...

    If you see that the fruit born is BAD fruit - hatred, envy, scandalizing other ministries, greed, covetousness, faithlessness, and lovelessness.... then I would distance yourself from that ministry and be very careful of embracing ANY of their witness...

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  4. There is no way I can ask the people in question. I doubt regular members of the church would have too much knowledge about it. It's kind of a behind the scenes deal, from what I can tell. Even if I could ask the people in question, it's something that they would deny.

    I completely agree that we are not to perpetuate scandal within the body, which is why I am so hesitant to ask.
  5. Why not ask.......then if the mods deem it inappropriate they will delete it or lock the thread.

    It might be of help to read Paul's letter to the Corinthians as he wrote it them because of the things that were going on in the church there that were wrong.
  6. I asked Sweet Pea to go ahead and let me know what the question is in private. Because she is expressing so much discretion and is having doubts, better safe than sorry.
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  7. I've sent the information to LysanderShapiro.

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