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    So .. what do you do .. when you find your spiritual experience exceeds the understanding of the person teaching you?

    Meaning that . if what is happening in you through God's inworking .. is something that may be considered "impossible" to others because of their theological background .. how do you respond to that without parting company?

    i know on the internet there is a certain lattitude granted in this respect .. but in person .. this can become very very uncomfortable .

    i've also found this a cause of division between some denominations . so might be worth discussing since there is a huge unity theme in the NT writings . and God seems to like that :) :)
  2. spiritual learning comes at diffrent stages,the more we are in the Word ,the more we learn.but we need to help all stages through scripture to back up the points.when i read Jesus some people think he contradicts himself,but to me he is explaining things to diffrent people in diffrent situations.hence the church divide.but the ways lead to Christ at the given points.satan also uses this to promote a evil counterpart.were Christ came to save us,satan to keep us from being saved.
  3. Yes .

    God teaches this way . He leads us . and reminds us of His words as these things happen . but what i was asking a question about is ..

    say .. i'm feeling the pain of other living beings inside myself . (along the christ likeness lines of "by his wounds we are healed") and treat this as an intercessory ministry . and when i go to ask for advice . i get a number of theological responses that seem to indicate that this is not possible . so would it not seem logical for me to conclude that i am not welcome here? and not be able to grow spiritually in such an environment?

    other gifts in recent church history that have received similar treatment are, tongues, prophecy, lay on hands healing, etc .

    so you get this church culture where the learned excommunicate the unlearned for imitating God or following God in their calling .. and then criticize them for not having their theology all straightened out when they refused to teach these people in the first place .

    i guess that's sorta what i was talking about . any ideas on how to respond in a more Christ positive manner than is typical? there has to be a better way .
  4. your teacher should be the Holy spirit.
  5. The Holy Spirit is my teacher . but the bible also speaks of something called fellowship .

    fellowship is necessary for growth .
  6. make sure between brothers and sisters are getting the same info,ie not just from you but from the holy spirit.
  7. Yes . very good Michael, going even farther than that .. listening (it just came up in conversation .. i didn't even ask the question) for confirmations from two or three sources .. that have no possible way of communicating with or influencing one another .. is really helpful . especially when things are uncertain .
  8. this is the problem,people can be carried away very quickly.
  9. A bigger question might be, how do you know that you are right and the other person is wrong? That's the danger we face.

    I have often considered Matthew 7: 21"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

    It should be simple. God has given us a guide Book we called The holy Bible. But people are forever misinterpreting it and even writing versions to suit their own desires.
    It's so unfair! They can easily find verses to prove their heretical theologies, but it is an enorous amount of work to disprove their misconceptions....and then, even if you find hardcore proof, they are spiritually blinded and can't see it!!!!

    Like was already said, we are all at different plaes in our spiritual walks. God gradually brings His own to deeper understanding in His time.

    And don't forget, God uses people to speak to other people sometimes, too.
  10. The Lord helped me to put this message together that was our Sun. morning sermon and I think it will be really helpful .

    We need to focus on the major and not on the minor . There will always be people and denominations with discrepancies but bottom line are they more important than our salvation? If we always focus on these issues the big picture of God's love , mercy and grace becomes dim .

    We need to test all the spirits and does everything line up with the Word of God ? God and the Holy Spirit have given us discernment and we need to tap into that resource.

    What we are doing for the Lord is more important than debating minor issues that have divided people and their beliefs . In the end God will decide and we will be judged on what we did for the Kingdom .
  11. WEll, preaching the love sounds great on the surface, afterall, everyone likes to hear that part, it makes us feel good inside. But if we leave out any part of the truth that makes us feel uncomfortable or we simply don't like, then we haven't the truth at all. Instead we end up with a cleverly disguised lie that leads down a feel-good path of destruction.

    Some things are trivial and not worth fighting for, but others only seem trivial when in fact they are vital to our faith and salvation.
  12. Hmm yeah .. the part where love means giving your life for another .. sounds real convenient . and the part where it is written you may say you believe but it's worthless if you don't help your brothers and sisters in their distress . love is a happy message . but also a very real message that is desperately needed today .

  13. Yes there are some things that are very important to our faith and salvation
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