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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by InHisLove, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Question

    Why has my screen all of a sudden become smaller?

    The letters are smaller and the whole screen is smaller.

    What happened? Is this something new? If so, I don't think I like it too much.

    It's too small.

    What happened?
  2. Hey InHisLove - try downloading firefox. It's free and it's really good.
    It may just be the browser that you are using!
  3. I haven't done anything different than I always have, and I am using the same browser.

    I even tried the Firefox browser as suggested, but my screen is still small.

    I don't know what to do to fix it.

    This is the only forum I am on that this has happened to.

    All my other forums haven't changed.

  4. Is it possible for you to pm me a screen shot?
    I'm anyway updating the forums today. The developers have released a better version today.
  5. I'm not sure how to do that, but it seems to be a little better today.

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