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  1. How do you know what you think you heard is from the Holy Spirit?
    How do you know it wasn't just a thought that popped into your head because you were already thinking on that subject?

    Can you ask God / Holy Spirit for confirmation? Is that wrong?
    I understand our spirit should be a witness to the Holy Spirit himself, but how do you know that you know and are not just inserting your own thoughts?
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  2. It's very much ok to ask God for confirmation. For He does desire for us to be successful and obedient.

    His thoughts are going to sound like our thoughts, because His Spirit communicates with our spirit, and then our spirit communicates with our mind.

    We should always check within our spirits to see if we have a quickening to do something (1 Samuel 16:1-13) and always make sure it lines up with His Word. If need be ask Him for a Scripture to back up what you heard.

    If we can get in the habit of checking within, we will learn how to rely on Him and eventually it will be easier to hear, and know that we know.

    Because you may have everyone telling you that everything is right possibly inviting you, and there is a band beckoning you and rejoicing with you that your supposed to do something, but if you have a check that says no leave that alone, or dont have an ok go do this... it's best to obey it. Only God knows what His plans are for you. He can speak through others, but it should already confirm what He has spoken to your heart.

    We should never under any circumstances rely only on outward circumstances or signs. For the enemy can pervert those.

    Blessings to you sister :)
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  3. Hi Coffee, you said: " How do you know what you think you heard is from the Holy Spirit'?

    By all means, yes, ask the Lord for confirmations.

    Also, I have learned that some ways you can tell if something is really from the Lord or just from your own wishes, etc. is that 1. It lines up with scripture and does not go against scriptures. If it doesn't line up with scriptures it can be from you only (your flesh) and not from God or it can even be something the enemy wants you to do. (Remember he can seem like an angel of light). 2. Some one or some ones in a position you trust confirms it or even asks you to do it...e.g. You are invited to take on a new ministry or a the invitation confirms the call. 3. Circumstances line up so you can do it. 4. You have a sense of peace about it.

    And I would keep in mind that God has a time for everything. Sometimes we feel called or nudged in a particular direction or to do a particular thing and then we have to wait for the right time and the right place to do it. I remember being called into a particular ministry but the circumstances didn't line up until some years after I felt called and then there was confirmation as I was asked to take a position by a prayerful committee and I had much peace about it as the circumstances were right for me to accept the position. If it's not the right time there is usually a lack of peace about moving in that direction right then. Waiting is often needed..However, don't let that mean that we always wait because sometimes it is for a moment right then as well. You'll know the difference as the Holy Spirit will nudge or hold you back. Trust is key. Just because you wait doesn't mean you missed the call or the moment. Not a rule of thumb though as sometimes God wants us to move into something or do something right away. Again, trust is key and keeping in prayer and the Word on a daily basis.
  4. Confirmations are ok - for a while. See, there are three voices in our heads: God's, the devil's, and our flesh. The flesh is loud, the devil's sounds like the flesh, and God's is very VERY soft. It takes practice, hence the okay for confirmation, but after a while, they won't always come because we're to grow to a point when we can know. For the Holy Spirit will teach us in all things and in truth. Listen for the still small voice and the unction in your spirit. The voice of God will never contradict His written word.
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  5. I was in church Sunday and during praise and worship i just heard a quiet comment in my spirit. Months before my divorce the HS spoke to me and told me something, then a little while later the HS spoke to me again while at work and he repeated himself twice to me. It was so strong in my spirit and I knew without a doubt it was the HS. It was the same way on Sunday, I believe, but a bit more subtle and quiet. It just came out of no where and it was completely personal for me. No one would ever even know what it could mean except for me, but at first I was like WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. Then it was just like I knew what it meant and it was special because it was personal for me and God showing me he cares about all things in my life. But then I started to wonder if I was just thinking this on my own and it just popped into my head from my own thinking. But the feeling was still strong a few days later regarding this word I heard. Then when I was reading my bible the other day the passage was kind of related to what happened but it was like a warning to let me know that false things can come my way, but I need to stay true to God in knowing what is right and what He has for me. It was like God was telling me that not take what is false from the devil but wait on what he has because that will be perfect.

    I do so much love talking with God and hearing from Him and then these little things happening afterwards. It's so exciting to have God with us all the time. I also have a praise report. Not sure if I should say it here because I don't to change the topic of the thread. I will see where to post it and will share it. It's pretty cool what happened. It was straight from God to me.
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  6. Sounds right on that God is leading you and instructing you. Only you will know if something is from God or not, and His warning reminds me of when He told the diciples to beware of the leven of the pharisees.

    The enemy will try to bring doubt to take away from what God said, but as you continue to keep those Words from God tucked away in your heart, you will see them unfold.

    Thank you for sharing your praise report and experience. I know others will be encouraged as was I
    God bless you abundantly!
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  7. What I heard is a blessing only to me, but I also know I need to be patient. In a weird way I think the HS was also letting me know that the enemy may try to distract me with something else and to be ready for it and to discern it. It was weird, but I did get it. What He told me still settles in me and it just made me smile and grin like a big ole goof ball. lol
    I am very happy and know He loves me. He told me New Beginnings twice. He is taking me there. God is literally so good.
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  8. Amen! I fully agree
  9. The word of God is never contradicted by the Holy Spirit.
    When the Spirit speaks to me I get scriptures quoted to my mind.
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  10. This question is often asked by the sincere seeker of divine wisdom. There are five recognized ways we can discern the will of God in our lives.

    1. The Word of God - scripture - the spirit of God will always agree with the Bible. Sometimes a passage of scripture will become very important.
    2. Agreement of the saints - Consult with other believers whose wisdom and devotion to God are established. If they agree you may be headed in the right direction.
    3. Still small voice - impressions and words from the Holy Spirit sometimes manifest as a still small voice. It never contradicts the Bible.
    4. Preaching - a message from the spiritual leader may be considered as a valid source of direction.
    5. Object Lessons - also known as circumstances, God will very often teach us or guide us by means of events in the physical world. For example, prior to receiving the ten commandments and Mosaic Law, the Hebrews were taught and guided by God through events and circumstances. This type of influence did not end at Sinai.

    These five items are not meant to be exclusive of one another. Indeed, when guidance from God is transmitted one can very often find several of these methods in agreement with one another.

    ?. Not listed here is repentance. This is a valid method of reacting or obeying God's revealed will. When one is blocked from doing a thing, the block might very well NOT be the work of the opposer/devil. It may actually be a mercy from Heaven. Repentance means reversing one's direction or actions. Usually associated with sin, repentance may also be defined as changing a direction when directed to do so by the Holy Spirit.

    Hope this helps.
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  11. This one to me is pure foolishness.
    Far to many times it's fellow Believers who talk you out of the things of God.
    Far too many times they can see it in their lives so they will insist it's not God.

    One small example.
    I was preparing to get my Captains License and Believing for a newer bigger boat.
    During this time I also asked for prayer that God would leed me to a good first mate job and I could get some extra experience on the great lakes.

    I was told this was NOT of God and they had insight and so forth. I was rebuked for expecting God to get me in as a first mate and not starting out in a lower position.

    That was my wake up call.
    These folks did not hear from God but gave from their own understanding.

    Reason one.....First mate is the lowest position. There is the Captain and first mate and then clients.

    Again but one little example.
    No Friend, it's best to learn to be inner led or Spirit Led.
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  12. I agree, practice, practice, will learn through trial and error. Then there will come a time that He won't tell you, because you will know the right thing to do and you won't need Him to tell you. It's part of growing up into having the mind of Christ.
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  13. The Holy Spirit is also known as the Spirit of Truth, because it only relays what Christ or God (Truth) has revealed to the Spirit of Truth.
    So whatever we are going to discern from the Holy Spirit is the Truth. We will know what the Truth is because it will be obvious, doubtless, right thing to do, affirmative, corrective, fearless, loving (even tough-love), clear, short and to the point, always points in the right direction, and personal history tells us that it never ever lead us astray. In other words, anything astray the Spirit of Truth is not short on letting us know that it was our misuse of self-will that lead us astray.

    Personally, much of my instruction is to be still, and not interfere. Or wait. Or listen.
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  14. Did I not write that the 5 items I listed were not meant to be exclusive of one another?

    Indeed, when Paul returned to Jerusalem and voiced his desire to visit Rome many of the disciples stated that he shouldn't do it. Paul went nonetheless.

    What other means of divine guidance did you seek or did you just dismiss the advice of others outright and go ahead and do it anyway? Did you seek the Kingdom of God in this?

    Inner leading is dangerous. The human heart is wicked and deceitful above all things, who can know it? - Jeremiah 17:9

    I'm not agreeing with those who disappointed you, but I'm not dismissing their advice either. I am saying that you need to seek guidance from sources other than your own desires and wishes. If you wished to build a boat, you could not do it from wishes and dreams and ideas alone. You would have to consult those who knew how. The same principle applies here.

    BTW: Did you get your license and get a newer bigger boat?
  15. Greetings choir loft

    I always seek His instructions before I do things or talk to anyone about things.
    When God tells me something, it does not matter what others say.

    When men speak out of ignorance then no I will not even give it the time of day.

    Here you are confusing human nature and the inner witnesses of the Holy Spirit.
    Being inner led by the Holy Spirit is exactly how God commands us to live. However you will need to Know His Voice.

    This really is not making much sense to me.
    When man gives bad or incorrect advice it is just that , his own thinking.

    Seeking Guidance must first come from the Father. You never put man before God.

    Tell me this, who did Noah consult in building his boat? God and or man?

    Yes Sir I got the letter qualifing me and several boats beyond that.

    Now one more point I wish to make.
    Any time a believer seeks guidance from man it needs to be after soaking it in much prayer and it must come as conformation of what you already knew from God.

    We are not talking about things like what spark plug to use or how much pressure should be in my fuel lines on a 150 4 stroke at 5800 rpms.
    Although I would have asked God first even in those.

    My point is simple.
    To many believers seek man's approval on things over Seeking and Hearing from God.
    Far too many times they just want to hear what they want to hear.
    It's foolish to rely on what others say over knowing what God wants is all I am saying.

    Anyway, Thank You For the reply and fellowship.
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  16. The initial question posed in the first post of this thread was;

    How do you know what you think you heard is from the Holy Spirit?
    How do you know it wasn't just a thought that popped into your head because you were already thinking on that subject?

    My answer was a classic reply to that question. It wasn't even my own thinking and has been used by many preachers over the years. I have no idea how old those 5 points are, either. Unfortunately many leaders of the post modern church have abandoned these classic themes so as to pursue another agenda.

    The question remains, especially for new Christians, as to how to know God's leading. That is what I addressed. I'm not confusing human nature with the promptings of the Holy Spirit as I am sure you do not either. However, you may agree that many do - especially those who have had no training or advice on spiritual matters.

    As an aside, I'd like to add that I am an old Navy man. You confess to be a professional seaman. We may agree here that the Lord has ways of educating a man at sea that those who've never gone out there can never appreciate. The sea can be a harsh teacher and the hand of the Lord sometimes seems to be working more clearly over the deep than upon those who dwell upon the land all their lives.

    Your reference to men who speak out of ignorance is similar to my own philosophy. I am patient with fools, but not people who are proud of being foolish.

    May the sea rise up to meet you and may the wind be always at your back.......and may you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead.
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  17. Hi, There. I agree with you and I agree with Choir Loft.

    We do have to be very careful in who we seek advice from. If the person you are speaking to is not like minded with the Holy Spirit, it will not be good advice. This is probably one reason we are to surround ourselves with believers who are like minded with the Holy Spirit and with ourselves.

    You are right. People are usually going to give advice based on their circumstances or feelings. This is why, if we need to talk with someone and need verbal confirmations / advice, we need to seek it from a believer who is lined up and is like minded with the Holy Spirit. Someone from church called and asked me if i wanted to have dinner with them the other night. Immediately I felt in my spirit this was a diversion from the enemy that I should not go. I think she may have had good intentions, but it came across to me she may be a bit messy / gossiper, etc. I told her I would have dinner, but then felt it was not right. I spoke to one of the ladies in my bible group who is a true believer and her words were confirmation back to me. She spoke exactly what I was feeling internally.

    I sent this lady a text and told her I had to work late last night and could not make it, which was totally true. I did have to work late last night. So it all worked out well for me. Something just did not settle well with me and having dinner with this person. I truly believe it was a ploy / diversion / attack from the enemy.

    I am so thankful that the HS does speak to me and that I have discernment. At one time I did wonder if I was hearing the HS. Now I understand more and realize when I am hearing Him speak to me. I have also learned that I need to shut up more and not talk as much so I can actually hear Him when he does speak... lol
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