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  1. I'm familiar with the scripture verses on faith, how important it is, and how it can move mountains. I would like to get opinions on some thoughts, or even doubts I have on the matter.

    Praying for something more than once - Does doing so demonstrate lack of faith? For example, in my prayers each night I pray for the leaders of our country, that they would seek God's will and follow it, and I pray for those in the world being persecuted for following Jesus. If I have complete faith that God will answer my prayer though, why would I need to pray it every night? Wouldn't I just pray it once and then have faith that it is heard and will be dealt with? Is my praying it more than once demonstrating a lack of faith?

    Not knowing God's will - If I pray for something, how can I have complete faith that God will answer it if I don't know His will? My nephew is very ill. The doctors have given him 6 to 12 months to live - and he is only in his 40s. This will be devastating to the family. I pray for God to give him healing, and I have complete faith that my prayer is heard. But what about that my prayer will be answered? What if it is not God's will that he live a long life? When we make a prayer to God, He does not always answer the way that we would like. So for those that say they have complete faith that God will answer their prayers, what is that based on? How do you know, using my example, that it is God's will that my nephew live or not?
  2. When we pray consistently about something, God is pleased with what that is---steadfastness of faith. I am not an advocate of continually petitioning God for things---like begging, which is asking repetitiously for something one hasn't the faith to believe for. It's a fine line.

    I pray every day for the Lord to bless my children and grandchildren and to anoint my and my husband's way for the day, and I believe that God honours that. Two of my adult children are no longer in relationship with us, through poor choices on their part. I speak to the Lord about that, and I claim the promise He made me years ago from Jeremiah 31:15-17, and I don't ask Him continually to bring them back, but I rather thank Him for the promise and talk to Him about how wonderful it will be when they do return, and to continue to help me in my faith for it, and to continue to do a work in me and my husband so that we will be ready for it.

    I have prayed for the salvation of people several times, and I believe that frees God's hand to do more and more and to make more inroads into the lives of those unbelievers. But He wants us to be specific. Asking Him to send strong faith-filled believers into the paths of those unbelievers is something He can work with!
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  3. 1 Thess. 5:17.....
    "Pray without ceasing."

    Romans 12:12 .....
    "Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer".

    Colossians 4:2 ......
    Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving".
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  4. Um, I am kind of new to the praying thing but I hope this helps.

    We do not pray to ask God for something, we pray to talk to him, to tell him our fears and hopes, and to ask for guidance. We ask him to look over our loved ones in His way, not ours, we ask him to forgive us and to be with us and we ask him to take care of us all.

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  5. Matthew 7:7,8
    7“Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who asks receives, and the one who searches finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

    This indicates a repetitive action. Nothing wrong with praying for the same thing over - in fact, it would rather prove your faith, than your lack of faith if you get what I mean.
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  7. Major, could you help explain what those scriptures mean to you in the context of my questions? I have read the scriptures, but I guess I'm just looking for advice. Again - how do you know that your prayer will be answered? And if the answer is that you don't know (can you tell me in all honesty that every single one of your prayers has been answered?), then how do you justify your faith in saying that because you prayed for something (for example, for someone's healing) it will happen?

    To put it simply - I have complete faith that if I drop something from my hand it will fall to the ground, because of the law of gravity. How can I have complete faith that if I pray something that it will come to be, when not all prayers are answered?

    I am not trying to cast doubt, I am simply looking for some answers for myself. I'm trying to learn more about faith, and am interested in what others have to say, versus just seeing scripture.
  8. Thank you, Euphemia. That is a good example and helps me with my prayers.

    When my father died ~7 years ago, he spent some time in a hospice, and while he was there he was visited regularly by his pastor. One of the things my father used to ask the pastor during their visits was how could he pray more like Jesus would pray. My dad spent his last days on earth learning how to pray better. I've always remembered that, and would like to start working on that now, before I'm on my last days. :)
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  9. Every single prayer we utter to God, He hears and answers. Sometimes our answers are waylaid by our attitudes, or by the demonic interfering. Other answers are immediately realized, as in yes, no and wait.
  10. John, can I ask if much of this is centred around prayer for healing or prayer in general?
    I have embarked on a spiritual study for myself on healing a while back and I'm still busy, still learning and discovering and teaching myself.
    Also keep in mind, to understand prayer we must understand what the will of God is. Can we fully?
  11. You are right, they are indeed answered. Sometimes the answer is "No." I should have phrased that better.

    Sticking with healing. I know that if someone prays for a person to be healed, that person may or may not be healed. It depends on God's will. I mean, Jesus asked to be spared in the Garden of Gethsemane (“My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”) and was not. So why do people say that if you prayed for healing that you should have faith that you will be healed? What if the answer is no??
  12. Prayer in general. I was just using healing as an example, because it (healing) is an important part of my life right now. I guess I have embarked on a study on faith and prayer, and this (in addition to reading the Bible) is my first step.
  13. Maybe we should start a study on prayer. Not just one quoting scripture, but one looking deeper into prayer. And then pray that differing opinions do not run away with the topic.
  14. I know where you are, I'm currently studying healing from a perspective of me being the vessel for healing, and joy also, but also plan to look at unity soon.
  15. I would certainly participate in that (as a learner, not a teacher) but i think my quest really centers on faith. How can I have faith that I will be healed, simply because I prayed for it (or any other thing) when it may not be God's will for that to happen?
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    My mother was in the hospital for exploratory surgery for a discovered mass on her pancreas. Early that morning, the Lord spoke to her: "Pray against the Ophel wall."
    "What, Lord? Pray against the Ophel wall?"
    God is so very personal! He knew mom would understand this terminology, as she had just finished writing a book that included the ancient walls of Jerusalem. So, she thought. "Hmmm, what does Ophel mean? Oh yes, it means mound, or jutting out, or tumour!"

    When the family and friends arrived to do a vigil during her surgery and to pray with her before the OR, she told us what the Lord had said and instructed us to pray against that Ophel wall! We were so excited that God was going to do a mighty work in her body that day! He infused us with great faith!

    We let her go to the OR with great hope and elation that God would speak to His daughter in such a personal way! (Although it was not unusual, considering the intimate relationship she had with her heavenly Father!) We waited in the family waiting room for the surgeon's report for about 6 hours, praying together and having good fellowship. Then the surgeon came in and gave us the news! My mother had cancer of the pancreas, and had about 6 months to live. I was devastated!

    Why did God give us such a distinct message and drive our hope to soaring levels if this was the outcome to look to? Over the ensuing months, my sister and I took care of her along with the most excellent hospice care that this country has in that particular region. I laid hands on her, spoke in tongues over her and sang to her and we both shared such wonderful peace in the Lord, but in seven months, she succumbed to the disease and went home to the arms of her Saviour and Lord. She did have minimal pain and used less drugs than most people, and was able to be at home the whole time, and that was a good thing according to her hospice nurses who visited daily. They were amazed at her...and at our strength...the witness of Jesus Christ in us.

    In the aftermath, we all had to deal with the disappointment. Did we miss God in His marvelous instruction? No. Did He change His mind? No. Why did He give us that word? He simply wanted us to have matter what. Well, we did. We were able to handle everything one day at a time with the daily provision of grace and strength God supplied to us and to mom.

    It was a precious, precious, precious time.

    The verse the Lord led me to at that time and which has come to mean so much to me now is found in:

    Daniel 3:17-18
    "If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God whom we serve is able to save us. He will rescue us from your power, Your Majesty. But even if he doesn’t, we want to make it clear to you, Your Majesty, that we will never serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have set up.”

    So, "even if He doesn't" is an important lesson for me!
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    Having shared about my mother, I do need to also say that I believe that God's will is that no one be sick. Both the enemy of God and the fact that we live in a fallen world are to blame. I also know that sometimes death is what ushers some of His people into immediate wholeness by that little step over into the Kingdom!
  18. Agreed.
    Also, we must keep in mind, God uses bad things to His glory, sometimes without it being immediately obvious to us.
    Your story about your mom is testament to that, even though the outcome was not the one you willed for.
    If it is the will of God that I leave earth tomorrow, then how will I fight to stay behind. It's senseless - will my prayers change His mind, I strongly doubt it.
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  19. I agree, except that God is influenced by the prayers of His people. They are powerful when aligned with that will of His that we all be well. The fervent prayer of the righteous man avails MUCH!

    We do not have all the answers, but I do believe that the Lord does lift up our faith and our countenance in such dire situations, and He carries us through so that our peace and joy never wanes, but buoys us up over the hard times, as if they were never all that hard to begin with.
  20. I recall that faith has been touched at some point in another thread, and I also recall that it turned out to be a bit of a rumble in the jungle.
    We need to fully understand faith and particularly our faith to be effective in prayer, so you must be on the right track.

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