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  1. Question on Bibles

    I bought a Bible a few months ago called "The New Believer's Bible First Steps for New Christians". It has a large section at the beginning that teaches from the most basic things like "Who is God" to "Resisting Temptation". It recommends buying a Biblical dictionary and a Bible commentary book. This Bible is a New Living Translation (NLT) Bible. What I want to know is if this Bible is ok for general Bible reading. I have a really hard time understanding the King James Version (which is frustrating for a first time reader). I've been told by a couple of people that the King James Bible is the only translation I should follow. Can someone explain if other translations are acceptable? I just feel like I can read this version of the Bible so much better. I want to understand everything I'm reading. Thanks for any help I can get. God bless
  2. Hello friend.
    There are so many different opinions on this one:) Many people only stick with the King James Version, i must admit that I am one of them. Simple because I know that it does not lose meaning from it's translaguage of the origional. Many of the newer versions seem to explain things much more simply, however can often leave out important meaning to a scripture.
    Allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you on this one friend, HE will never lead you in the wrong direction! Blessings to you:)
  3. Goodwin17 hello my brother from another mother!! Nice to meet you. Say.......i like the "NEW KING JAMES" version. My pastor teaches from that and I find it REALLY easy to understand in plain English, the old King james version with the thees' and tho and ye ect are hard to understand. But yeah like New2Christ said let the Holy spirit lead you.
    I also like NIV bible. Well check em out and then decide. God Bless you my friend.

    Chili out :)
  4. Hello,

    don't burn your NLT :) or your NIV :)

    KJV is good but if it is hard for you to read,


    NASB , maybe a little scholarly, but a literal translation

    NLT and NIV are paraphrases, but Good

    from what I can tell the AKJ (American King James is good if you like the KJV without the old english - for example, I like the tense of the KJV as in Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace are ye saved..." so AKJ would read, "For by grace are you saved," whereas many other ones would read "For by grace you have been saved..."

    check out the NASB, and also the ESV, like a literal translation but somewhat archaic

    (also w is an online parralel Bible)

    KJV, before that The Geneva Study Bible they have that at, good sound, commentary there also

    The only 'paraphrase' i would warn about is The Message

  5. I love The Living's written in laymen a story book and in some ways, it's a story of all the characters before, during and after the life of Christ.
    That's just me..puppy;)
  6. Amen and Amen
  7. I think ultimately the choice should be left for the individual . No one else can make that choice for you . They can make recommendations but bottom line is you need to make the choice as to where you feel most comfortable and which version suites you .

    Every one has their own preference . I would say if you want to go to . There you can compare the different versions and decide which one is right for you . God Bless . The most important lesson is to read God's Word every day and let the Holy Spirit guide you . Ask Him . He will show you .
  8. king james wasn,t called the wisest fool in christendom for nothing.
  9. Hrt4Christ, would you consider the New King James Version to be an acceptable version? I am a fairly new Christian, and I want to do what is right, but I also don't want to get frustrated when I'm trying to read God's word. I looked up the verses in the NLT you talked about, and they are left out, but there is a note at the bottom stating what was left out. Is everything included in the New KJV?
  10. Nlt?

    Howdy, Goodwin.

    I almost registered just to answer your questions, but I noticed an unregistered reply and I'm happy to find the board allows for such. I've poked around the site a bit, but I'm unfamiliar with the general theology trends here, so let me be frank in saying I'm a life-long Christian of 50 years from a background of what is called a Reformed Protestant tradition of Christianity. I'm quite familiar with the Bible and most all of the well over 100 English translations available today, including those before and after the King James Version and the New Living Translation you've been using.

    I agree with the advice your NLT New Believer's Bible offered, in that a good Bible dictionary and some commentary on the Bible can be a great help, much as the posts from members you're reading here. I certainly don't mean to detract from the valuable insight and commitment members here have also offered. There indeed continues to be some well placed debate as to both the variety and content of our English Bibles.

    However, I must say that I think your use of the Bible you have is obviously having great benefit to you. I grew up memorizing passages of the KJV and, no doubt due to my Christian nurturing, I have little difficulty understanding it or appreciating it's Shakespearian forms and mannerisms as still the most beautiful of English presentations of the Bible of a time when the English language was perhaps at it stylistic peak. Having known a number of the translators working on the popular New International Version and Living Bible Translations, I also am appreciative of both these translations and would wish to assure you that most of such modern translations are "ok for general Bible reading" and worthy of your continued use.

    The NLT would not be my first choice of English Bible translations, but it can be most helpful when used beside others, like the KJV, and I do not find the same degree of either fault or reluctance of use that others here have expressed. Each of the English translations, including the KJV, has some measure of difficulty in accurately translating from available manuscripts in the ancient languages of the Biblical world; and what has been described here as a leaving out of verses has as much to do with which available manuscripts are used as it does translating them into an understandable English. I don't here wish to get too much into the why and how there seem to be so many differences in English translations (particularly the 400-year-old KJV and modern English offerings), but rest assured that no translator of the NLT is intending to leave out or alter Holy Scripture anymore than what might be considered by some additions to Scripture found in the KJV. Whether one considers such as additions or subtractions from Scripture does not alter the need of the Holy Spirit in understanding and applying God's Holy Word, and most of the differences between our English translations are, as you've seen, noted in many Bibles and do not affect God's working in your heart both to understand and apply them to your daily life.

    The greater importance is being led of the Holy Spirit to a proper understanding and applicable use of Scripture for your daily living and growth. If you have Christian friends, or perhaps a church you are comfortable in, advising you to only trust and use the KJV, then I'll not dissuade you from the valuable support system these friends may offer, but I'm sure you understand that it is most important for you to be able and equipped to read God's Word in a manner that is most helpful for you. I assure you the Holy Spirit can make as good a use of the NLT you currently read and understand as He can the older, more difficult and cumbersome English found in the KJV.

    As others have suggested, there are a number of excellent online resources like which have a variety of English translations to compare, and I've always found it helpful to regularly use and compare several English translations as I study the Scriptures. I know you want to be assured that you've 'picked' or are using the right one, but I personally don't think a newish Christian is at a stage of development to be able to decide such things on their own. Use what you find helps you most at the place you are, and if you later find it helpful to rely solely on a different translation, you can switch. But, again, as a life-long Christian who prefers the choppy and difficult English renderings of the New American Standard, KJV, or even the NKJV, I don't find in any of my ministry that sincere Christians have been harmed by use of modern translations in their own modern speech, not when the Holy Spirit has His say in your life and study.
  11. Personally , I like the NIV version particularly also because that is what our church studies from and I find it is easy for me to understand as well . I also use other translations and have found the NCV , NKJV , and the KJV all to be helpful and also a Bible Dictionary and concordance .

    quote from above : ( The greater importance is being led of the Holy Spirit to a proper understanding and applicable use of Scripture for your daily living and growth. If you have Christian friends, or perhaps a church you are comfortable in, advising you to only trust and use the KJV, then I'll not dissuade you from the valuable support system these friends may offer, but I'm sure you understand that it is most important for you to be able and equipped to read God's Word in a manner that is most helpful for you. I assure you the Holy Spirit can make as good a use of the NLT you currently read and understand as He can the older, more difficult and cumbersome English found in the KJV. )

    This is sound and good advice . We have cell groups at our church and I would advise that you think about partaking in one of these groups for your Bible Study and that way maybe find the Bible of choice.

    Being led by the Holy Spirit is the best way to go .
  12. Thank you all for your helpful posts. I've gotten some good insight on some things I need to do. I'm certainly getting a Strong's Concordance. I went and bought a NKJV at the bookstore tonight. I'm hoping that I can understand it. I want to be able to understand God's word with my first reading of the Bible. Again thank you all. God bless!
  13. I think that will be a big help to you. The Strong's concordence is so wonderful and if i were going to read anything other than the KJV it would be a NKJV, i think the text is just put into modern terms without missing anything vital, again i believe:) blessings to you!
  14. I have to agree with Hrt4Christ that the best Bible is the King James Version or New King James Version....

    God wants us to spend time with Him,and I don't like certain Bible interpretations...

    Since I believe in dispensations, I will only used the Scofield Bible.

    This Bible teaches the 'Pre Tribulation' truths....

    I have an Unger Bible Dictionary,and Walvoord and Zuck Bible Commentaries...

    As a new Christian, one needs to be in a 'Discipleship Class' to really start growing in the Lord...

    You might want to check out some work books to do for yourself that teaches discipline...

    My husband and I taught the 'Discipleship Class' in our church for many years,and it's a blessing to see how each person grew in the Lord...
  15. :) mmmmmm... it's good to reminisce about the first time i bought a bible as a born-again Christian. :) It is good, i went to the borders and they had one of those translator comparison guides, a little flip-rolodex-type laminated thing with a bible-verse on it, i enden up going with a New Amirican Standard reference bible, it has a center referenc collumn, i glued in two different-colored ribbons for bookmarks, and put the self-adhesive bible-markers on the pages for quick flipping. I am very fond of that bible.

    Been through a lot of stuff since then, don't wish to go back through it, but what a feeling it was to buy my first bible as a born-again!

    May God bless you and increase your appetite and thirst for His Word and for His Righteousness....and He shall lead you by streams of living water and satisfy your soul in Him.

    Seek first His Kingdom.

    God bless beloved in Christ

    Ephesians 1:5-7
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  17. Thanks again for all the help. I agree with Pastor Gary, all the unregistered guests should register. There have been some wonderful posts by unregistered guests.
  18. Dear Goodwin,
    First I must say am not English, so I do not know English Bible translations so well. But here, in the Czech Republic, we have the same discussion. We have one very old version (from 1613) and it used to be the best Czech translation until this summer. Now we have just about 4 common translations and one of them claims to be suitable for first-readers. The language used is much simplier. It admits not to be so accurate but I personally think that it is much better to read the version you understand than something rather abstract. Well, I personally would not choose it but when a friend of mine comes to Christ, I am happy to give her this version because I belive she will come to love God's word easier when she understands it.

    I think I know Ehglish quite well as a foreigner so I decided to read the Bible in English. I wanted the most accurate version, so I picked King James one and I strated reading. I held on to Psalms and then I found that I am simply not looking forward my everyday reading as I had used to. So I have changed the translation now and it got much better. I enjoy reading so much now!:smiley10:

    Generally I would tell you: read the version which fits you best and which you understand and are able to take encouragement from and grow to know God more, not to get bored or confused. And, mabye, after you read the Bible once, you would love to pick more accurate version for thesecond or third reading just because being interested thanks to Holy Spirit :)

    With love, Johana
  19. I add my voice to Pastor Gary and Heather!! - you can still remain remarkably 'anonymous' (if that's your preference) even when registered. But I'm sure you have your reasons...

    Bible Versions. What a can of worms this is! Hrt4Christ, when I saw your list of all the "bad" things NIV did, I'm sure that with all your knowledge you would be aware that we have much older and better - and piles more - manuscripts today than the translators of the wonderful KJV could ever have even imagined! Things are "left out" in many of today's translations because they're considered not true to the originals, or just plain transcription errors, and often actual (unwarranted) ADDITIONS!!

    I am the fortunate owner of the highly prized The Englishman's Greek New Testament. A pastor friend and Greek student would have given his left leg to pry this from me!! It has the actual Greek, a wonderful literal word by word translation underneath (amazingly helpful), and the KJV. I use it all the time.

    I looked up one of the NIV "omissions" using BibleGateway's version comparisons that someone mentioned, that I also use all the time, and 1 John 3:16 in the NKJV (that I use too) leaves out "God" just like the NIV. So I checked my Gr NT above, which has a date of 1896 in it, and which gives the reader every important Greek Manuscript word difference of the 6 top Manuscripts of the day. I expected to find why God was in the KJV, e.g., 1 or 2 of the guys had it in, but the rest didn't - but was most surprised that it didn't have "God" at all from ANYONE'S manuscript. So I have to conclude that "God" was incorrect in the KJV.

    I guess that's why the NKJV and the Amplified ("my" two Bibles) don't have God there either, nor most of the other changes you set down because they shouldn't be there in the first case! The KJV was my first Bible and I remember verses in it all the time. It was so good because it was a LITERAL translation, and was unquestionably "of God" and changed Christianity in this world forever - that's how good it was!! But they didn't have the great manuscripts we have access to today, which are almost universally considered the most accurate to translate from.

    Yes, not "The Message" as has been stated. But most others are in today's English and reasonably well and accurately translated.

    Blessings Hrt4Christ and everyonel!

    - BM
  20. Thanks for the invite, everyone. I just registered. I'm new member "grit", the Anonymous from post #13.
    Another good free online Srcipture site that's a bit better for parallel reference than Biblegateway and has some Greek and Hebrew helps is Clicking on their parallel format gives you one verse in about 15 translations at once, though they don't offer the NKJV as one of their English translations.

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