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Question On Banned Topics

Discussion in 'Doctrinal Discussions' started by Trodaí Urnaí, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. I disagree with this but it is your forum. The reason I disagree with this is for new believers in Christ. They do come to forums to ask questions and if you are limiting them on what they can ask then they might not get answers.

    My suggestion is to maybe create a team of believers on the forum to answer these questions. So to do that create denominational threads so if they want a Catholics advise they can go there. I seen another forum do this where when you sign up you put a denomination down so you automatically have access to that thread. Just my thoughts.
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  2. The main point, I believe, for these particular topics, is that they tend to bring much heat but little light, and the mods are just tired of dealing with the nonsense that invariably crops up around those types of threads.
    If there are some who need guidance on these banned topics there are private conversations available and the practically unlimited info available from a simple google search. It's not as if folks don't have plenty of options.
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  3. I understand the main point. I think someone should be able to come on the forum and ask a question without being worried about getting put in a corner for 7 days
  4. As I see it: it is more on the objective or the intention of the post:

    Say, a "Meat or Vegetables only" OP

    Say, the OP is about Meat.

    The objective appears to be:
    1. An affirmation of faith, of giving thanks regarding eating Meat
    2. To educate regarding the benefits of eating Meat over Vegetables only.
    3. A question or clarification regarding Meat.
    On the first one: I think if "Vegetable only" will argue against or give a negative comment at least , that will be ill-mannered, at the least.

    On the second, it is an invitation for debate.

    On the third, it can be a debate.

    An observation when a "new believer" open such OP, I seldom see no. 3... : )
  5. I'm all for freedom of expression, but this is the owner's private area, so they get to set the rules.

    -Filed under boxes neatly tied up with string.
  6. I agree with this also. But there can be options like I mentioned
  7. Honestly, we can't make 41,000 denominational threads. The idea is to come together in unity and share the experiences of the power, glory and honor of God among believers, answer pressing issues to new people, praying for one another, assisting each other in struggles, but in all, being at peace. Because of fleshly people, allowing every conceivable conversation to go unchecked only leads to chaos. Frictions begin and continues because there are thousands with opinions, theories, ideas, beliefs, and allowing free-reign again only leads to chaos. Imagine someone curious about Jesus comes to the site, and after a few very read, very heated threads only sees the flesh... what a loss. We can't be all things to all people.
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  8. 1 cor 18For, in the first place, when you come together as a church, I hear that divisions exist among you; and in part I believe it. 19For there must also be factions among you, so that those who are approved may become evident among you.
    Every church has these arguments and divisions, once all argument is silenced you become a cult with a very narrow set of beliefs assumed to be the truth...but are they? How would you know that what you have been taught is actually the truth of scripture? logically your intelligent, well read, even a former pastor, but have you actually understood what the scripture says.
    You are always going to have Christians, and even non Christians sign up to this board on the net, and you will always have the temptation either deliberately or through naievity to post what is wrong. There are probably a dozen HOT subjects that need their own threads with close monitoring. Topics like: to tithe or not to tithe, that is the question. Once I am saved can I sit at home and watch HDTV till the rapture. When is the rapture, start middle end?....just a suggestion. I know what I believe and its fixed in stone, but, good scriptural backed argument can always shake my tree.
  9. Do you realize how many topics will get put on that list? Pretty much the new introduction thread will be the only thing not on it. I remember a dictator back in WW2 tried to do this as well. Sorry if I'm being a bit negative about it, this just doesn't make any sense
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  10. Who's been put in the corner for seven days for asking a question?
  11. It is stated that if someone brings up any topic on banned list they get a 7 day time out. Right now only one topic is in there but many more will be added since a lot of topics have some pretty heated debates
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  12. No different from the world. Imo CFS is great training ground to be exposed safely to the lies of the world and to recognize them and learn how to respond.
  13. I've lightened up on the time out. Also asking a question is OK, debating one isn't. A thread asking a question shouldn't run more than a page or two compared to the dozens a debate can run.
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  14. I agree with that 100%!
  15. Ok thanks for clarifying.
  16. In Ephesians there is but ONE church in Gods eyes which is HIS body Jesus Christ being the head.
    The ministers God has given to HIS church that HE is building are called to minister for a specific purpose and to one end .
    That purpose and that end is stated in Ephesians 4:12 .For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of THE ministry (not MY ministry ). For the edifying of the body of Christ. Till we all come in the unity of THE faith (not A faith). And of the knowledge of the Son of God (not another). Unto a perfect man. Unto the measure and the fullness and stature of Christ"

    The Lord is coming soon. he is at the very door and knocking . and is it not written the Bride must get herself ready?
    To those who defend their ministry and their church and their faith .But do not consider that it is the Lord who is building HIS church .Not according to OUR FAITH but according to HIS faith and that is that which was first delivered to the saints and those saints were counted as starting from Abel. According to Paul in Hebrews.
    Tell me . If faith in God comes by hearing and understanding the Word of God . Then to have a unity of the faith .There needs must be a unity of common or the same understanding of the Word of God.
    Not a unity that denies the scriptures for the sake of A unity . But a unity commiserate with the unity that is inherent of those who are joined to the Lord are of one Spirit . Who then must come to the same MIND or understanding . Let this mind be in you that was in Christ .
    Not of some mans own private interpretation that is of the world who says you have your truth and I have my truth .
    But that understanding of scripture that comes by leaning or trusting HIM who was promised and who has come to lead us into all truth .
    For what knoweth the things of man save the spirit that is in man ? Likewise then what knoweth the things of God save the Spirit of God.
    Of men there are many and therefore you can have many private interpretations but of God there is but one and he has his own mind on the matter and it is HIS understanding of scripture that we need . For you by your own private interpretation cannot produce faith in God .
    But only the dead letter and ritual of religion.

    Let this mind be in you then as it was in Christ. Be of the same mind" Think the same thing" How do you think it is possible to be in the unity of the faith if you do not agree at all on the truth?
    Indeed how can two walk together unless they agree? That not only applies to two people it also applies to men and God.
    We walk by faith cannot mean anything less than walking in agreement with God and the Holy Spirit .

    How is it then there are such diverse 'opinions' as to what the truth is yet each claims to be reading from the same book?
    With so much fleshly contention the snare is to believe those who say they are infallible and have the longest traditions etc.
    this is folly .
    For we are also told not to believe every spirit but try them. How do you try ,test or prove a spirit? By the Spirit of truth .That resides in every true BORN child of God . If a person is not a child of God then the Spirit of truth does not abide IN them. Though if they were willing he can still lead them by external measures or people. who are Led by Him.
    For it is by the Spirit of truth "we know the spirit of error"
    The real problem here is that people rely too much on their own intellects than upon HIM and trust to their own understanding of Greek or Hebrew for instance than the Lord .While others blindly follow them who demand blind obedience who should if they were true seek Gods face "that the eyes of their understanding may be opened...................." That each and every believer may come and drink freely of the waters of life and know what is the exceeding greatness of Gods love that is towards them who believes and much else besides.

    Whether people are ready or not .The Lord will come . and he will not be delayed by people saying I am not ready .
    Its about time the church which is HIS shook itself and rose from the ashes and foolishness of its own pride and began to seek the Lord for HIS blessing and approval not the 'blessing' and aproval of men or the world .

    in Christ
  17. We simply don't have the stomach to listen to Paul's admonitions to Timothy and Titus (1 Timothy 1:4, Titus 2:9) - But avoid foolish disputes, endless genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law -- for they are unprofitable and useless.

    Why? Because we put our focus on destroying WITHIN rather than serving....

    This is ABSOLUTELY no exaggeration what so ever... USELESS and UNPROFITABLE! All they do is to sow strife WITHIN the brotherhood of believers, and even worse - they PREVENT us from actually Ministering to eachother and to non-believers! Think about that for a minute... That sort of Useless and Unprofitable wrangling PREVENTS us from being a Serving Christ and Eachother!

    Unfortunately, when you are a moderator or owner - you only have the stomach for so much of this before you just lay down the big hammer...

  18. There is an account of bomber crews in WW2 who had a problem with rats in the aircrafts frame . For the rats kept chewing or could through the controls of the aircraft.
    Some when they found they were on board were all for going back to base and landing the aircraft .
    But the wise pilot said no put your oxygen masks on .We will simply go higher and enough that they will not be able to continue to live.

    I suggest that like the Lord "we go a little further "
    When Moses manifested the works of God .The Egyptians for a couple of them at least were able to duplicate them in some way .
    But God "went a little further" and they were no longer able to do so .But confessed the truth of it .

    in Christ

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