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  1. Does anyone mind if I bump this?
  2. Why do you think that anyone would mind?
  3. Don't we each have a mind of our own?
  4. Who is Timothy?:confused::)
  5. Was Timothy a friend of Paul's?
  6. Or was Timothy REALLY Tiny Tim?
  7. Does rooster have feathers or is he covered in fur?:D
  8. If I speak in the woods and my wife isn't around to hear me am I still wrong?
  9. Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?:D
  10. Why isn't your wife around when you are in the forest ?
  11. Who said that, it was in a movie but it just doesn't come to mind?
  12. I did!

    Good memory! It was in X-Men!

    Charles Xavier asked Magnito this very question. The dialog was:

    M: Why do you come here Charles?
    CX: Why do you ask questions to which you know the answers?

  13. Thanks, Laura:D, where's your question?

    (he he he he he)
  14. Didn't she post 2 questions?
  15. Do questions in a response count?

    Didn't Hannibal Lecter also say this line?

    Why is my mind insisting on Lecter?

    (he he he)
  16. Aren't questions in a response is what this is about??
  17. Don't you know?

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