Question Game

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by cly, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Is that an invitation?
  2. If it was would you take it?
  3. I don't know if he would but can i?
  4. Is that a yes?
  5. Does it matter if it's a yes
  6. If it matters would you say yes?
  7. Do I have to provide and answer?
  8. are you flirting.
  9. How did I miss this game?
  10. How could I not? ;)
  11. Do you think I should play?
  12. Do you still play here? :rolleyes:
  13. Why would you not play?
  14. Well,....I thought I was playing.:cool:
  15. Arn't we still playing this game?????:D
  16. What game are we playing. ?
  17. ask a ? any ?
    U may get a ? or not.
    I't ?able:D
  18. May I join, please?
  19. Did you ever get the chair from Timothy????;)


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