question from a classmate

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  1. question from a classmate

    i always invite my classmates to join me in bible studies that are held in school. some of them agree, and some brush me off. but i still invite them anyways. one of them that didn't accept my invitation told me

    "but why do we have to base everything on the bible? thats why theologists are there to explain it to us because not everything is clear. besides, its outdated."

    this is coming from a catholic classmate. and i was reading a book which compared the evangelicals and the catholics, and it mentioned something about ecclesiasticals? i'm not too sure what those are

    how do i respond to this? i asked her, and she said she doesnt read the bible.
  2. Bk, Honey,
    pretty much all we can ever tell anyone is that we find God's word (Bible) important to live by.
    Keep inviting and let your light shine before them~

  3. Bible=

    The bible is not a book valid only thousands of years ago- it is not a collection of stories- it is not the wisdom of man. It is indeed the very Word of the Living God and was given to us as a love letter. This living Word can reach us in any circumstance and give us the direction, hope and wisdom we need to follow His way. We were created to fellowship with God, to know God and to walk with God. Our lives will not be complete any other way. The bible is not only relevant but it is completely necessary to live a life pleasing to the Lord Himself.
  4. Word's of wisdom sis!
  5. I like it, I like it!:)

    Our bible is precious! We can't even get a personal letter from the president today...and look at God. He's a very busy God. And yet, He has the time to pay special attention to each one of us through our bibles.

    Tell you friends the bible wasn't written for anybody else in any other specific time, oh no. Our bible was written for us, today, for all of time. When man's magazines and dictionaries and encyclopedias are nothing but dust...the Word of God will still stand true and accurate and up-to-date.

    What God spoke, what was written, is constantly up-to-date. It has been applied to lives for thousands of years, it applies today as Truth, and will apply forevermore.

    Thank you, Jesus!:D
  6. Your friend is in error, even by Catholic standards (I should know- I am one). I'm not quite sure how to explain this... You may have heard of the second Vatican council. After this event, more commonly referred to as Vatican II (the most noticable effect of which was that Mass would be said in the vernacular), many misconceptions arose about what the Catholic Church taught; for example, some people think that the Catholic Church no longer believes in Purgatory, which is untrue. In the years after Vatican II, many people eventually stopped going to church altogether, or only went on Christmas or Easter. There is quite a sizable group of people who claim to be Catholic and yet ignore what the Catholic Church teaches on a variety of subjects.

    Please, if you have any questions, PM me, and I'll try to explain in greater detail.
  7. As for your friend, I don't think that she wants a response- she wants you to leave her alone. Whether you do that is up to you.
  8. Agreed. I know many good Catholics who love the bible, and don't think it's "outdated". The word is timeless, yo. Anywho, I agree w/ Damascene here... I don't think your friend wants a response. But if you really want to say something, do some research on biblical history. Might pique your friend's interest. Giving some personal testimonies works too. You don't have to give a sermon on what bible verses well up fervour in you, but you can at least tell about some times where you were upset and there was a verse that made you feel better because it was "relevant"! God bless.
  9. Hi there b_kitty

    I would probably start by telling your friend that we don't *HAVE* to live our life by what the Bible says - but that we choose to! And the reason we choose to is that it provides the best advice around - and if they don't believe that just take your daily newspaper and show them what kind of stuff happens when we try and live without the Bible.
  10. Living outside the Bible is living without God's consent and approval.
    Ddo you wan to have God's presence with you? Then live acording to the Bible.
    Jesus is All in All
  11. The Word of God will defend itself. Just live Christ faithfully before them.
  12. Kitty,

    I would share:

    In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    We don't see God in the flesh today,but God is the Word...

    I accepted the Lord at 15 years, myself, and I was attending bible studies with only two other girls at school...

    No one was interested even back then,but this memory of time has stuck with me....

    Don't get discourage,and keep sharing God's Word.

    Sometimes we're just to plant the seed,and later in life, the seed turns into salvation for that person.

    It's obedience to our Lord and Savior~

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