Question for Christians

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  1. Question for Christians

    I have an scenario for you, and I am really curious to read your answers.

    You are hired by a high school to debate an atheist. This atheist is a well known speaker. She argues against Christianity at schools and clubs. She has swayed hundreds or thousands of people away from Christianity by her arguments and talented way of speaking. You debate her, and find out that twenty people in the audience decide to leave Christianity because of her arguments.

    Later, you are sitting waiting for a bus with her. The bus station is deserted. She tells you that her goal in life is to convert Christians away from their faith. She is eating lunch as she talks.

    Then, suddenly, she gasps and grabs her throat. She is choking. She can't breathe, and she will be dead in four to five minutes if no one helps her. There is no one around, and the nearest ambulance services if twenty minutes away.

    If you let her choke and die, no one will ever blame you, really- you can just say you didn't know what to do. But you can save her life by dong the Heimlich maneuver. However, if you do, there is the chance that she will spend the rest of her life working against God.

    What do you do? Do you sit there and let her choke to death, or do you save her?
  2. James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
  3. To purposely let someone to die is the same as murdering them and is not love. God is love.

    How about while you are saving her life, at the same times tell her you are trying to save her but don't know if you can so repeat this prayer, and say a salvation prayer. [​IMG] Even if you are sincere she would probably think you may purposely let her die if she doesn't.
  4. Repeating the sinners prayer doesn't save someone, having a repentant heart does.
  5. A prayer should always include repentence and only God would know for sure if a person really meant it at the time
  6. Definitely save her. This battle is much bigger than her and her life. Pray and God will bless your obedience.
  7. The true Christian will always do good according to the James verse Ezek33 quoted. And also because the true Christian loves others with a love called agape in the Greek - i.e., love we have from God, being God's own special love. So saving her couldn't possibly ever be an issue!

    Just as a matter of interest, in your scenario I don't believe she could persuade 20 people to leave Christianity. Well not if they're true Christians. If they are just nominal Christians then yes; but if they do leave, then their (lack of) relationship to God and their ultimate (lack of) salvation has not changed anyway!

    I've had many interactions with piles of tough, strong atheists on MySpace. They were never going to be able to affect my faith or relationship with God! I never changed any of their beliefs either (so far as I'm aware), but I did ultimately earn the respect of some of them, I suspect because they responded to how much I loved them - even if not aware that was what they were doing. Others, of course, remained hard as nails!

    - BM
  8. Would agree completely with all the others who have responded..The Bible teaches us to love our enemies and to pray for them. Moreover just watching someone die and not even thinking of doing anything to help/save them is just terrible to even think of.

  9. I haven't try to pray while choking and I hope, I won't have to.:pray: Jesus said:"Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you..." and it is more than an advice. I personally try hard to obey Him:smiley230:.
  10. This is a no-brainer.

    A Christian tries to save her. We don't think about it, we act.

    If we succeed, we have fulfilled God's will whether she appreciates what God has done for her or not.

    I was once faced with a similar situation. Someone was causing me so much pain I wished that person was dead. I struggled with my thoughts and prayed to God a lot about it. What kind of a Christian wished someone would die?

    I think that person was choking for my sake! I immediately did the Heimlich (sp) maneuver and saved this person. I felt such relief from my guilt over evil thoughts....

    We can't always control our feelings, but when it comes down to it, I believe a Christian will be guided by the spirit to do what is right in God's eyes.

  11. Amen !
  12. And we'll do it without thinking I would believe!!

    - BM
  13. I would try to get her unchoked, I would not want her to die lost..
  14. The future is in God's hands, since He is the only One Who knows it intimately. The act of my saving the atheist might be the thing that turns her heart to God. It may well be that instead of continuing to drive people away from God, she uses her skills and zeal to turn people TO God. Hmmmm....a certain Saul of Tarsus comes to mind. Even if she continues to fight against God, He is quite capable of keeping His own. The Holy Spirit works in people's lives in a way that goes far deeper than their doubts and fears and conceptual constructs. He goes to the very roots of their being, from which all the rest of their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs spring.

    In short, to attempt a mental calculation of the sort described would be quite arrogant and presumptuous for a Christian to make. We have one clear choice, which is to do our best to save the atheist's life, and we can be confident that what happens in the future is in God's capable hands.
  15. Christ teaches us to love each other despite what differences there may be between us. Besides that, letting somebody die is something I couldnt bear to live with.
  16. Nice of you to say that you would save this choking atheist`s life.......
    But I do have the nagging question in the back of my head if all of you really would.
    Nothing personal, I don`t know any of you.
    Just relating to my lifelong struggle as an evangelical/fundie who spent many years in churches and was rarely honestly welcome there.
    Now I am an ex-churchian trying to heal from lots of trauma.
    The terms "real christian" or "true christian" give me the creeps, because I have witnessed just too many christians behave unbelievably cruel toward others who are not "their kind". This cruelty also extends well into inter-denominational power fights.
    To add insult to injury, christian abusers are simply declared "not real christians" by other christians. The reasoning being that "true christians" never act cruel or hateful!
    If christians were defined by how they act, and if their words match their actions, there would be few "real christians", I`m afraid!
    I find one of those few every now and then, they are a blessing to get to know!
    As for the masses of "real christians", I have learned the hard [and very painful] way to stay clear of them........unfortunately it took me decades to figure out that I was not created to be other folks` doormat [or less].

    I am able to separate man made organizations and institutions from Creator Jesus.
    And I would, as I have in the past, help anyone in need as much as I can.
    Christian, non-christian, atheist, dominator.......doesn`t matter who they are and if they like me or hate me. If they are in need and I can do something about it, I will [and have].
  17. Well for me it is a no brainer cause I am a retired nurse and would not let any one die no matter what or who . Colour , race, religion do not enter into this picture. I would have that on my conscience for the rest of my days if I did not do anything .

    And when she is revived I would tell her about the love of Jesus and why I did it .
  18. You have to remember that Christ is the only perfect person,and a Christian is saved,but still has a sinful nature....

    No person is perfect except for Christ,and a Christian 'will' let you down...

    I always tell people to look at Christ in me,and not at myself.

    I know I will let people down,and sometimes, I even let my ownself down....

    David, in the Bible, was an adulter and kill Uriah.

    He repented of his sins,and God forgave him.

    However, because of his sins, he suffer great consquences through his children.

    He never got to build the Third Temple because God consider him as a 'man of war.'

    Many stories in the Bible where people sinned,and were forgiven.

    Of course, a Christian would do everything in their power to save another being...

    We are accountable to God for our actions...

    God is the giver and taker of life,and it's not up to us to worry, what the atheist will do or not do...

    That's Christ's business only.

    To be a saved Christian, you have to accept Christ as your Personal Savior..

    You become 'changed',and 'reborn.'

    We accept Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins,and rising on the 3rd day.

    He sits at the right hand of His Father today....

    Thank you, Lord...
  19. I am truly sorry for your relations with Christians but and this is a big but .... we cannot look to people as they will always fail and we will never ,ever find a perfect church ( And If you do I would like to know about it ) We need to get our eyes off of people and onto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith .

    My faith does not ride on what other Christians do or do not do but what I do in the eyes of Jesus and I am here to please Him not man .I am accountable to Christ and Him alone. Yes people have hurt me in the past but I am able now to get past all the hurt because it does not come from God . When you focus on the Lord Jesus all the rest will disapate . It is satan's biggest goal to distract us from Jesus and I do not want to have any part of him . He is a lier and a deceiver.
  20. I think it is generally common sense to try and save her. Any sane person would say they would try to help her. I wouldn't even be thinking about anything except making sure she didn't die on the bus - now that would be awkward.

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