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Discussion in 'Family and Parenting' started by adoptivemommy, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Question for all parents

    Hi guys

    I am just wondering... Do you let your children watch Harry Potter? My girls are too small for that now, but I am sure they will ask me about it when the time comes. To be honest, I am ambiguous on this particular subject. My husband and I watch all kinds of movies and I usually don't turn a movie off unless I feel a definite tugging in the pit of my gut about it. I know Harry Potter is about magic and such, but if you teach your children the right thing about all of this, can it really harm them? I would think not, but what about you guys? Viole, Pastor Gary, etc? Any thoughts?

  2. Well, some might disagree with me and every parent has the right to make their own choices, naturally~
    I think it depends on the child; his age, personality, and so on.
    Many of the Christians I personally know grew up watching Bewitched. None of us grew to be witches or delved into witchcraft. It was completely innocent in our minds. Maybe that is because we were taught about God as a foundation first.
    I think there are many factors to consider.
    If your child is obsessed with anything it is not healthy.
    NONE of my children had any interest in Harry Potter though.
    I'll be honest, My daughter has watched some kids show about a witch, SABRINA, maybe? I had long talks with her that witchcraft was against God and magic is not real for Christians. Sometimes I think shielding a child too much has some detrimental affects when they break lose from too tight of a hold from parents.
    Again~~~MY HUMBLE OPINION on the matter.:)
    I believe in moderstion even in the things I see no problem with.
  3. My thoughts exactly! I believe that if you teach your children right they will choose right and they can not be swayed in the wrong direction. Same with sheltering them too much... They will eventually have to face the world and all it has to offer, so I would rather they know all there is to know about the world and what is right and wrong from me then to find out from people who don't know the difference. Thanks Violet!

    Any other thoughts on the subject?

  4. This being only my second post in here, I'm a little reluctant to take on such a controversial issue, but what the hey!

    Y'All might as well git to know me right off the bat! :D

    I have two children, ages 10 and 12.
    They havent shown an interest in the Potter books, and I have not introduced them into our library, but I would like to share my biggest fear.

    I'm not as worried about them turning my children into "witches" as I would be worried about the books presenting witchcraft and other forms of devination as foolishness, or as "make believe."

    God warned us frequently to stay far from these practices. They are very real and they are very dangerous.
    My fear is that people may become desensitized to the dangers.

    If that happens, they may begin to view things like Tarot cards, Ouiji boards, etc, as harmless little games of make believe, which I would see as contrary to the teachings of scripture.
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  5. lol ... CShultz! I'm just as scared to give my opinion since Cliff almost bit my head off yesterday!!

    I agree with you. I won't let my son, 11, watch it, and he is not interested in watching or reading it.
  6. Nice to meet you sky.

    I've been asked my opinion on this issue many times, but I always feel a little guilty. Obviously the person asking is dealing directly with the concept, but neither of our children have ever shown the slightest interest. :blush:
  7. CSchultz, hello, may I call you Charlie Brown? Just kidding!
    I do understand what you are saying. I find that it is very important to educate your children on these things. Don't give them a chance to educate themselves!! And I am speaking of tarot cards, ouija boards and such!
    I agree these things are very dangerous and not to be messed with! Kids really need to understand the truth and not be hidden from it~
  8. "Charles" didn't have a "T" in his last name. :)

    I agree completely.
    I have been told many times; "It's not real!"
    "What are you worried about?""

    And I must reply; "Well, if it's not real, then why did God warn us against it so frequently?"

    As I said, my fear is not that my children will practice witchcraft after reading Harry Potter, but that they would get the impression that God was warning us about something that is "Not Real", or worse, that "SOME" parts of the Bible can be disregarded as "myth."
  9. Yes, I understand your opinions and respect them!
  10. i think if you put it as fiction and not fact it can be ok.the main objective is that children knoe that evil tries to make these things to be real.coincidences etc from spirit.many see ufo,s all the time so people think it,s true.and even if it ends up there are ufo,s they still come from God.there is a new game saying about defend or attack choose your side etc.many dont know this is a satan tactic,they make people think evil is coming to this world,the truth is evil is this world.evil plays on your loyalties and emotions but never tells you how long and how much suffering went into giving us the word of God.
  11. I would only comment that the more knowledge that we, as Christians, have concerning any topic that could be in conflict with our beliefs, the better it is for us to make educated decisions.

    Therefore PLEASE review ALL the information in the link below:

    P/S Please use the linked thread to continue this discussion. This thread is a duplicate and is being closed, but archived. The linked thread will be placed in the ADVICES - PRIVATE AREA.
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