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  1. Question and Answer

    What miraculous event/act recorded in the Bible would you like to witness

    and why?
  2. Jesus feeding the 5000, because that is one of the most amazing miracles done in the Bible. Imagine... a few loafs of bread... How does He feed them? Does He break the bread and it just keep reappearing as he gives everyone a loaf? That would take a long time to do... Or does he break it off and give it to the disciples to give to groups and as the disciples give the small crumbs to the group, the crumbs become entire loafs or many loafs? How does it work? That is the miracle from the Bible I think I'd most love to see.
  3. You know what Phil .... I was waiting for others to post and should have put mine cause it is exactly what you said so now will think of another one .... LOL ... Yes that really did intreague me as well .
  4. Hmmmm ..... How about Lazarus ..... How about him being in the tomb , all wrapped in his grave clothes and when Jesus said Lazarus come forth .... Wow ... and the amazement on Mary and Martha's face to see their loved one alive .
  5. Yeah that one really makes you think, doesn't it? I wish I could do that. Then I would never have to buy food again. :)
  6. Yeah that one is good too. :) Just speaking to the dead... And they awaken. Wow!

    God is AWESOME!
  7. The transfigration . because .. i think life should always be like that . and having seen it .. i could at least dream ..
  8. It would be amazing to suddenly see the Red Sea parting, and the ground being DRY; then and after walking over it, it suddenly returns to normal just at the Pharoah and his army are coming across
  9. Cool .... Yah that's really a good one.
  10. One of the things I woul liked to have seen was the moment when Joseph revealed himself to his brothers. The fear and worries on their faces, the tears of joy. Showing the meaning of love, forgiveness and God's works being seen in action of how the family and the furure of His people secure. And finally the meeting of Joseph and his father that must have been one emotional moment, Jacob believing that his was dead and finding that not only was he alive but God had protected him and made a powerful person. In that power Joseph still remained faithful and humble.

  11. That definately would have been a moment to experience.

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