Question about the AntiChrist

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  1. Question about the AntiChrist

    Hi, I have a question about the AntiChrist (or the beast, etc).

    I actually have a couple of questions, I think...but I'll try to make it as simple as possible.

    Okay, so, I was thinking for a while, what will happen when we (or some people) won't accept the mark? Will they kill us, or just something else? I haven't read Revalation in a while, I need too, lol. Also, will the AntiChrist destroy Bibles/churches (either one, or both)? I kind of think they will remove Bibles and Churches from society, lol...but I'm not exactly sure.

    You don't have to answer these questions or not, be as little or as vague as you want - I just want some answers!

    In God's Love,
    NTG! <3
  2. I have been reading a novel series by Bodie Thoene called Zion Covenant. It is a real eye opener to the Holocaust and what really happened to the Jews before anyone reached out to help them. It was certainly the spirit of the antichrist and of course the presence of places of worship was a threat to the demons who controlled Hitler and his men. That is why they were all destroyed and I would think during the Tribulation, it will be the same way.

    I have come to the conclusion in my own heart that it will not be as easy as the Left Behind series portray. We will be afraid to trust anyone if we are left behind. I intend to go up to be with Christ first and don't wish to spend any time in the Tribulation.

    Some on this forum have listed sites that were very helpful on the Rapture and the Second Coming. If they don't come on and list it for you, I will find the site and forward it to ya'.
  3. Thanks. I haven't really looked up Rapture, AntiChrist, Second Coming, etc on the net, but any good site links are welcome.

    I have never read Left Behind, I haven't heard of it until recently when some other Christians mentioned the series to me. I suspect it is going to be hard, it's going to be 10 x's worse than Hitler and all of them. I just had this idea that maybe we are being shown of what is to come...Hitler and his gang are just the beginning, imagine what the AC will be like when he comes!

    He must will be very deceiving, because it says in the Bible about false messiahs and prophets, and isn't he supposed to be a false prophet/messiah? I saw an interesting article on Rapture Ready about the AC, etc.
  4. "Okay, so, I was thinking for a while, what will happen when we (or some people) won't accept the mark? Will they kill us, or just something else?"

    We won't need to be killed because we will die of starvation and will not be able to buy or sell if we don't have the mark. Of couse, I am saying this from having watched a movie from the Left Behind series. I, too, have to read up on it, but I'm not sure it is in scripture. :confused:
  5. Yeah.

    Actually (not against you or anything), I really don't read Christian fiction based of Revelation. I know some people take it as what may happen, but you never know. We may find ways to survive, like escaping to the wilderness, etc etc, but since we can't see the future, you never really know. Of course Revelation explains what will happen, but not really how some may find ways to survive (but God will surely be with us!).

    Who knows?
    The AC may rise tomorrow, this minute, even after you take a breath or start your car.
  6. NearertoGod,

    I suggest that you really study the book of revelation keeping in mind that there are numerous different understandings about the end times. The internet is a mine feild of information especially about revelation because this is where the cults love to recruit new members.

    There are theories about Pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib. There are theories that revelation already happened to the early church, there are theories that it is partially complete and there are theories that it is still going to unravel and there are theories that it will never happen, that we must learn from the moral issues in the book.

    Dr David Pawson has got excellent material on Revelation where he goes through all the different theories showing the pro's and con's for each theory with scripture.

    Keep this in mind when reading revelation:

    1> Jesus has already defeated evil
    2> Revelation is Gods plan, not satan's
    3> God is completely in control
    4> We can trust in Gods promises
    5> Revelation must be in context with the rest of the Bible.
    6> Pray often and use reliable sources for your research.
    7> The great commision is just as important as the events in revelation.

    I pray God leads you and guides you through this exiciting book.
  7. Thanks, Kevin.

    Yes, I've looked up most everything I can look up on Revelation, Apocalypse, etc.

    I don't believe in pre-, post-, or mid- Tribulation, whatever it really means, lol, nothing against anyone, just confuses me even more! o_0

    I have to look again. I've been reading other books like Matthew, Mark, John, etc. and not Revelation like usual.
  8. Scary thing is, when the Anti-christ comes, He's going to be a deceiver like we've never seen...solving problems and trying to earn his followers. He'll make the poor rich, perform magic that many men have never seen before, and he's going to be good at talking.

    I think some Christians might even start following him before they even realize who he is. :(

    He's going to be a best friend who seems to have all of your worries and problems constantly on his mind, no matter how small they are.

    Keep your eyes open.:eek:
  9. My sheep know my voice- these are the Words of Jesus. He has given us the standard of His Word to comapre all else to and as long as we stay close to His heart we will not be led astray.
    A common missconception is that the anti-christ will be almost all powerful. Indeed he will remain embattled and be strugling for supremecy over all until his last day on this earth. I am convinced that God will have people everywhere to witness for His Name.
    Just as the Christians sang while marching to their deaths in the Roman colluseum, just as Stephen smiled and prayed for his executioners as he saw the glory of the Living God while being stoned we need not fear. God will preserve us till His return or give us the priviledge of getting to be with Him sooner- what an honor and what a promotion!
  10. Yup. This guy must be really convincing, or else there wouldn't be such an emphasis on him!

    Just keep praying, and hopefully God will show you the truth.
  11. spiritually satan is on the move in the uk,pretending to be God.talking through people deep this goes in human terms i have no idea,if some do things willfully or are just ignorant to spiritual matters.:(
  12. Bank tellers are trained to spot a counterfeit bill not by studying all the possible counterfeits, but by carefully studying the genuine article in detail.

    So it will be with those who follow Jesus and have studied His Word!
  13. I agree...

    ...but somewhere out there, there's going to be a Christian who, from his own interpretations, is going to be following the one he really believes is not the beast.:(

    He's going to be 100% sure that it's what his life was meant for. There's going to be no question, because he saw all the History Channel episodes on what to expect (but never read for himself). He's going to be able to quote any scripture to another man, telling him why he's sinning - but he won't be able to find the scripture that tells about his own sins. See?

    He might believe that he's walking with God...but he's singing his own song without backup. Know what I'm saying? It's hard for me to explain.

    Angry preachers who preach the Word while filled with hatred, just screaming at their congregation. People who have killed people that they believe to be sinners (in their own eyes), just trying to rid the world of sin.

    The beast is going to look pretty good to them, ya know? :(

    This is a scary subject. :confused:
  14. Matthew 24:23-5 (NLT)
    “Then if anyone tells you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah,’ or ‘There he is,’ don’t believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. See, I have warned you about this ahead of time.
  15. Thanks, HisMany. :)
  16. There was that scripture! I had forgotten it...I knew it somewhere lol.

    Yeah, I mean I know pretty much good from evil...this is gonna be bad! RUN FOR THE HILLZ.:eek:
  17. the fans at newcastle are welcoming back a manager they call the some people a manager is there god in this world.
  18. Wow. I haven't seen anyone in Cali like that...yet. >_>

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