Question about the 7 days

Discussion in 'Answers' started by aaarneson, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Question about the 7 days

    1st Day = Created Light/Darkness
    2nd Day = Sky
    3rd Day = Land, Seas, Planets
    4th Day = Sun, Moon, Stars
    5th Day = Fish and Birds
    6th Day = animals and man
    7th Day = REST

    My question is were these consecutive "DAYS"? Or were these days seperated over a lot of time, and then when "RESTS", that actually means he just stopped creating.
  2. Seven literal 24 hour consecutive days. God created the plants on day three, and the sun on day 4, the plants would not have been able to survive without the sun for much longer than a literal 24 hour day.

    Rest does not mean that God stopped creating, it just means that He rested.
    For example, when you rest from an activity is that the same thing as stopping? :)

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