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  1. I know this is defined as four type of hearts, but I see it may also apply to “qualities” or “conditions” in which case we all may have each type to some degree or another. When you came to Christ could it be that some seeds fell by the wayside? Did we not have some thorns and thistles? Some stony places? And some areas of good soil?


  2. Not quite sure what you are going after. "Types of hearts" has little to do with the parable you are referencing.
    The "seeds by the wayside" did not come to Christ at all.
    The seeds on stony ground came to Christ but did not stay.
    The seeds in the thistles were choked out by the cares of the world.
  3. True...but when you first came to Christ did Satan steal away some of the seeds? Did the carres of the world not choke out some at that time? Oh well maybe it makes no sense at all....please close this thread...
  4. The heart (aka mind/body) is a garden. One must till it so the right vegetation grows and the bad ones are removed. Like Adam, we are given a garden to maintain, which is stored memory in each cell of our body. Hence the need for the Holy Spirit to search our hearts to see if any wickedness resides there so we can weed it out, Psa 139:23-24. Many lose their first love, Rev 2:4, but most don't know it or admit it enough to do something about it, Rev 3:17. While I know you're talking about the moment of our epiphany, the question really revolves around daily maintenance, 2 Cor 13:5. Like the waves of the sea, many are just tossed to and fro, Eph 4:14; James 1:6.
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