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  1. What has God already told you to do in his Word that you haven’t started doing yet?
  2. I'll be honest. Every time I read the Word I know I will find an area in my life that needs a lot of change. Something I have started but was not able to carry on is sharing the good news with my friends. This is something I feel God always prompts me to do.
  3. agree, the Word is ever a scale but jeff don't forget what Paul said..there is no condemnation....and King david was no saint but pleased the Father
  4. The best way to become a doer of the Word is to always write out an action step as a result of your reading or studying or reflecting on God’s Word. Develop the habit of writing down exactly what you intend to do.
  5. The action step should be personal (involving you), practical (something you can do), and provable (with a deadline to do it). Every application will involve either your relationship to God, your relationship to others, or your personal character.
  6. Thanks for your input
  7. chris, you're a head man, ask God to open your heart :)
  8. Rob you don't even know me. How do you make that Judgement?
  9. I agree Rob. I know I am saved. I just want my life to be more fruitful. It feels I have been given more responsibility and I am taking it too lightly. Especially here in the middle-east it is difficult for you to do stuff as a Christian openly. My heart longs to serve and my head says its not possible. :) Just being open. I know there's nothing impossible with God and its a phase I will pass through with God's help.
  10. jeff, you wet my eyes with joy!!the intent of your heart is enough mate. God has these words for you...

    pearls drip from your ear of petals
    grace covers all that fall under your shadow
    I have no other prize
    no other throne for my child of love
    together we commune
    together we cleanse
    the fragrance of my peace
    formed in my image, my jeff forever!
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  11. Hi Rob, thank you for those words of encouragement.

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