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  1. Purpose

    Sometimes I'm wondering, what should be the purpose of my life?

    I want to be a History teacher, but I also want to do something with music. My dream is going to the Hillsong College in Australia after my education, but I've a girlfriend, and I also want to marry her after my studies. Of course I can wait, but we need to wait already five years, and we both find that very long.

    I asked God many times for help, and a solution, but I just can't make the decision.

    What for advice can you give me?
  2. I really know how you feel. I think every believer who has had a decision to make struggled with the same issues you have. I have 3 sons ranging in ages from 17 to 22, and believe me, we have prayed much about their futures and decisions that they are making.

    There are a lot of varied teachings on the will of the Lord. Personally, I feel the Lord is not as much interested in WHAT we are, whether we are plumbers, policemen, or pilots as much as He is interested in the KIND of plumber, policeman, or pilot we become. He wants His children to glorify Him in all they do.

    You are about 18? You have plenty of time for the marriage thing. After 5 years of college you will be 23? Really, that is about the perfect age to consider marriage.

    As far as music or history, well, that is a decision you will have to make. Just pray about it and seek the Lord’s wisdom for yourself. And don’t be afraid of making the wrong decision. Both of the fields are very good options and the Lord can use either, both or neither for His glory!

    I love history – HIS Story!
  3. Lostand found- God certainly has a plan for your life- I find it best not to try to figure it all out with a couple of pounds of grey matter but instead I listen for that still small voice- you will know deep down what is the right thing- I pray God directs you into the center of His will- and yes as ElBob has said- whatever and wherever you are you can shine for Christ and be used for His glory!- Many blessings - Larry

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