Pureflix movie on Evangelism-Do You Believe?

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  1. Me too, Cturtle!

    I'm guilty as charged, ha ha!

    But yes, we are constantly, daily, having to die to our flesh

    Daily confessing our sins and daily re-committing to follow in His footsteps

    Its a daily walk, I agree
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  2. 3) “Belief takes you to your knees, then brings you to your feet," what does that mean to you?

    I've had to be completely broken in order to rise again and serve him.

    I'm so hard headed!

    I couldn't learn, until I've been through unbearable suffering

    and you?
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  3. And Daily changing the way we are unto His ways.
    Learning to have a teachable heart and more important being willing to be willing to change .
    It's a life long journey in which we can not ever learn it all while we are on this earth.
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  4. My heart wasn't teachable, until I've been to so much brutal hardship

    I pray he may use me now to serve HIm and others, bc as you have said, jim, I've walked in their shoes

    Hey, I've been in field training or bootcamp of life, ha!
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  5. I think he may have to break our hearts

    to get into them

    through the broken pieces
  6. In all that I have been learning... not completely sure that this verse fits with all suffering. And Romans 8:28... definitely does not fit.

    All suffering and evil things come from the evil one and the curse. And when a person is not submitted to Christ... God cannot save them from some things unless they are able to hear His promptings.

    A lot of things come from the choices we make, and from attacks of the enemy. Believers who know who they are in Christ and what The Blood has done for us and set us free from... can come out from such things , but we have to put the Word first and choose every moment of every day to follow His direction. Which sometimes is a challenge in itself.... but can be done with practice :)

    Kind of like a toddler :)

    God uses His Word to correct His children (2 Timothy 3:16). Just like when Paul rebuked the Corinthian Church.
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  7. Im sorry for gushing, jim, but this week end has been incredible and Im on the baby christian cloud nine
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  8. Lately... I've not been doing such a great job.... but I got the repentance part down :)
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  9. I will go now, and stop gushing and try and calm down.

    sorry :(
  10. Kind of make me think about the verse that says... KJV
    And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder
    matthew 21:44

    I have learned that if we listen to the Word.... we won't have to go through the difficult times... for we have fallen on Thee Rock like Matthew 21 says.
    However I wish I could say I have done a better job of not being stubborn... that's for sure. :)
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  11. Yea I can identify with that. I got more degrees from the school of hard Knox then I care to admit.
    The streets were my home at one time and life has a way of teaching you things if you allow it to.

    Lol then we allow the Father to remove the junk and fill us with His Self . That's an everyday event if we allow it to be.

    Don't ever give up.
    There is only one thing worse then loosing and that's quitting.
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  12. Sorry?
    Um scripture says sorrow Not!!
  13. Find your peace :) for you are loved! Nothing to be sorry for... it's good to use times like these to chew and meditate upon His Word, and labor to enter into the rest of His Word...making us like Him. And really stop and think about how much He and serving Him means... and more importantly what He has done for us. :)

    Keep your chin up :)
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  14. Rest well my friend and rejoice in all that God is doing :)
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  15. This is how we as NT Believers Roll.


    Eat Hardy !!
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