pumpkin flowers n chilis

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  1. pumpkin flowers n chilis

  2. It's sooooooooooo beautiful Matt, is that the giant pumpkin that you told me about??:)
  3. I forgot the chilis'

  4. Beautiful Chilies
  5. For those peppers to be growing in a pot..they sure are doing just wonderful.
  6. Wow .... Next year I am going to try to grow them in a pot as I don't get much sun but get more on my deck . Nice .... I love the pumkin flower as well . It almost looks like a tropical flower.
  7. Our Brother Chili grows the most beautiful chilis ever!

    Beautiful pumpkin flower.

    I'm a gardener myself Chili and from one to another, I have to say you don't have one green thumb, you have two!:D

    Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Cheri

  8. These were 2 gallon pot Puppy, 2 GALLON POTS not 6 " they don't get root bound that way heheh. I was just remembering last year. N you only need to water them once every 2 weeks. Dont use Miricalgrow soil....not good. Use an organic soil compound like Blackmagic with this stuff that I use
    ChilePlants.com Search Results
    Pricy but well worth it. A little goes along way Also I had an extremely california summer this year which helped ALOT!! You guys try this next year n leyt me know what happened

    Chili out n burnin!! TY Jesus Amen
  9. Ah man do you still member that?? hehehehehe..I thought by now you wouldn't member that!!!
    I did learn my lesson though..this year I used "big" pots too, don't know how big but bigger than last year.
  10. One ting..I don't know, how in the world does yours grow short and squaty and mine grows tall and lanky. Someting weirds going on here for sure, hehheheee.
  11. Got to be the climate. Mine are strong and bushy bout 20" tall long and lanky ya need a bigger pot tit aint big nuff or just put them in the ground and save a couple chilis n dry em out to git the seeds 4 next year. Plant them in February inside, sprout in march, Plant end of march, you got the climate, I dont unless I git lucky.

    Chili out.
  12. Do ya tink too it might be all the high humidity here??
  13. Well I got lucky this year with the GC seeds..I planted about 25 seeds and 2 came up into 2 very beautiful plants..I need to take some pics so you can see "your" plants.
    There is one pepper about 2 inches long and probably 100 tiny flowers about to open up. As difficult as GC's are to grow from seeds, guess luck was on my side.
  14. So beautiful Chili I just had to take a closer look.

  15. Yes GC is hard to grow. They are so delicate it is crazy!! But with Puppy love they will do just fine. nuttin like Puppy love!! Yup I guess that is what it takes.

    Chili out:cool:
  16. Well you should know, heheheheee.
  17. It is actually a Summer squash, they just got big flowers
    Chili out
  18. Can you eat those raw??
  19. I got Devils toung bout that size but still green. They dont turn red or orange but Yellow with a heat range just behind GC only at 100,00 instead of 1.5. Dont know what the flavor will be like, I hope sweet to a citrus flavor, It is a hybrid prolly from GC mixed with a Hungarian yellow which resemble a Banana pepper which Tavy commented on an earlier post. Can ya feel what the CHILI'S" Growin? OOO YESS!! OOOOO TY Jesus for our Chili's from your bounty!! Amen

    Chili out
  20. Matt, wouldn't it be a dull world without peppers??

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