Psalty, The Singing Songbook

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  1. Did anybody grow up with Psalty?

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  2. My children saw it, when it was on. That was not often, though.
  3. How long ago was that?
  4. When we lived in Minnesota. We moved from there in mid 1983, so before that.
  5. Yeah, I'd say the 80s was the prime era for Psalty.
  6. We had that and a couple other shows I could let my children watch without worrying. I could actually trust these enough to walk away and let them watch alone! Now Sesame Street -- I had to learn to watch it with them. They learned discriminating TV watching through Sesame Street, because when something was not right, we talked.
  7. Such as what?
    My older brother gave me a box set of the first season of Sesame Street a few years ago for Christmas. It has a quick message saying "this is not intended for children" only because some of the things Sesame Street used to do contradicts what the Children's Television Workshop teaches them, like not going into strangers homes or talking to strangers, stuff like that.
  8. Happily, my kids were not big fans of Sesame street for very long, and they thought "Barney was retarded".
    Though they did like the Wiggles quite well. My brother's kids went ape for the Wiggles, he even took them to their
    concerts a couple of times.
    That "cold spaghetti" song still gets stuck in my head occasionally.
  9. Ha, indeed. My nephew goes bananas over the song Fruit Salad. He's 2-years-old, so whenever we see each other at family gatherings, we sing the song. Yeah, the Wiggles are definitely catchy.
  10. Sesame Street taught a whole lot of New Age stuff, about which I wanted my children to know the answers. My solution was to, as I wrote, watch it with them and discuss it. I did not shield them from it.
  11. Gotcha.
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