Psalm 37:4

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  1. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart

    What is the meaning of this verse? This is my interpretation. Delight in the Lord - Put our complete trust in Him completely and be contempt. Seek Him first rather than anything else. When we do this, the Lord will change our desires to parallel His will. Because it is very clear that whatever we ask as per His will, we will receive. Which means, our desires should be aligned with His will. So when we delight in the Lord, our desires will parallel His will.

    It is a wrong interpretation to say, he will give everything our heart desires (like a new house or car!!) Any thoughts on this?
  2. I totally agree. We all too often ask for "blessings" that turn out to be curses. But God knows what best for us, better than we know ourselves. It goes with the non-scriptural proverb "be careful what you wish for..." :)
  3. It was IMO a promise to Israel. That does not however mean it does not apply to us as well. It does not mean God will bless your business but He has already blessed us with all spiritual blessings. and He will continiue to shower us with all that we can hold.

    I believe that the key to verse 4 lies in verse 5.

    "Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass".

    Too many believers find fault with God but the truth is that they have never fully committed themselves to God.
  4. Help me Major! :) In layman's term, what does it mean to commit myself to God? How do we look at it from practical purpose? I am really asking this question with the intention of learning :) This is not a sarcastic question! There are many things which even I tell people without having the full and simple understanding of it! This is probably one of them :)

    The general explanation is, fully trusting God.. But how do I take it personally? Let's say there is a difficult situation in my job.. I might lose my job.. Now I trust God.. But I also need to work hard.. I cannot sit and lock up my house saying I am trusting God.. I firmly believe God blesses us through our labor.. How do I differentiate trusting God completely and personal responsibility?
  5. What not ask me something really hard next time!!

    Well, the next thing I do after someone has been lead to the Lord Jesus and become saved, is lead them in a prayer of "commitment".
    To me that means and I explain this to the we are going to do business with God and tell Him that we are in this battle for life and that my PROMISE to Him is that I will never let the Lord down.

    To me, a commitment/promise leads to "contentment". Contentment is really a matter of trust. IF we really trust the Lord, IF we really believe that He loves us and has our best interests in mind, then when things around us fall apart, things inside of us will not fall apart. That is because HE who is IN us is stronger than he who is in the world. Contentment comes from commitment in trusting God even when life seems to be out of control and beyond our ability to help it.

    Then consider that the flip side of contentment is did-contentment. There my brother lies the problem. When we slip out of prayer time, reading the Bible time, going to church for worship services, discontentment then clouds our decision making abilities.
    Discontented people always want change and they want it now. That means of course they are not allowing the Lord to lead their live in His time. They make wrong choices because they are motivated by their emotions and not the will of God.

    As for you job, I agree. We all need to work. Work is good. But why would you think you will lose your job??? That is the question?
    Are sales down? Are lay offs taking place?? Is their a contract bid that was not accepted??

    Remember, when we are in Gods will, committed to Him, and contented in our faith of Him, when one door closes, another is going to open. I believe that and have seen it over and over !

    God bless you my brother and right now I pray for you............

    Heavenly Father of Creation and author of salvation. I bless you and give you all my praise, love and adoration. Dear God, forgive where I have failed you today and help to turn from all temptation that would come my way. Now Father I ask for my brother
    Ravindran that you would bless him in a way that only you are able to bless. Fill him with your love and Spirit and may he find peace and joy and contentment in his life. Help him Father God to stand and be counted for you and allow him to live his life in no fear,
    In Jesus name......Amen!
  6. I find that when I stall and whine and procrastinate (and I do) that I always make matters worse for myself. There are going to be bad things coming in our lives, in a darkened world, in these times particularly. If you keep banging at the closed door, you might miss the window opening. Bad times are survivable with God.
  7. I believe what this verse says is:

    You put your trust in God, and He(God) will give you what you need. Be it healing, financial needs, answers to prayers.
  8. I hope you know I meant that is was really a hard question to answer when I said....
    "What not ask me something really hard next time!!"

    I was just trying to be funny.
  9. First I did not get it.. After looking at the long reply, got an idea you were just joking!
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  10. I agree.. And you used the correct word! What we need and what we want.. Because "need" and "want" are very different things..
  11. Pretty much yes.
  12. Thanks........I didn't mean for it to look like I was a smart _ _ _!

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