Ps3 or PC games anyone?

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  1. The movie was interesting...but seemed more like a long commercial to me.

    XIII has a lot of strange god-theories as well. I usually just chalk all that up to the whole alternate-universe fantasy thing. It makes for good story-telling, but I've definitely seen it go WAY too far in some games.
  2. ahh, I see what you mean about FF12 and Tactics. Thanks for the explanation! ^.^
    I have the movie Advent Children. For years I had been thinking, "you know, they should make a FFVII movie." and they did! lol.
  3. It kinda did, didn't it? I thought the extended ("Complete") version was sooo much better. It was easier for newcomers to understand what was going on, and the altered final fight between Cloud and Sephiroth twice as good as before. To be honest I kinda feel like the whole FF7 compilation ruined FF7 in some ways. The game ended with an epic clash, and then the developers, years later, start making up new character and events and say that they happened before, during and after the events of the game. In short, I think they're milking FF7 for all its worth. And I wouln't be at all surprised to hear Square anounce a FF7 remake sometime in the next ten years. I think they're gonna wait until people lose interest in the title and until they can't hardly sell FF7-related products.....and then, just when it looks like its over.....they'll announce a remake at E3 or something and *POOF!!!!* the fanboys & gals will get all excited it'll create a whole lotta online interest. It'll be historic.
    I really liked Dirge of Cerberus though. It'd be cool if they made a sequel to it.

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I have to do at times, otherwise I can't enjoy it, lol. My brother has FFXIII (I have to borrow it from him one of these days) and he said something about the villains being "god-machines" or something. That's a really weird concept.
    I remember wayyyy back when The Legend of Dragoon was released for the PS1. I thought it was one of the coolest games ever. When I replayed it several years ago though, and actually paid attention to the story....I was like "What the heck is wrong with these writers?!" I mean, God is truly the bad guy in that game. The characters kill God (Soa) at the end because he deemed it time for the world he created to end.
  4. LOL, yeah. I have to say that I think it'd be cool if the made a movie about 8, but I know they won't, and I think its probably better that way. I wouldn't want them ruining the story. FF8 ended with (from what I remember) the most at stake of all the titles. In most games its the fate of just a planet that hangs on the ballance, but in 8 it was not only all of existence, but all of time too. Truly epic. If they brought Ultimecia back, what would they do? Have her try to absorb 2 universes this time? lolz
  5. I agree. FFVIII had more at stake, but I found FFVII was tough to beat Sepheroth than Ultimecia.
    I've also played Legend of Dragoon when I was little and of course I didn't pay attention to the story either. It's really getting annoying that the writers aren't taking notice of the real Evil.
  6. Yeah, Sephiroth was hard. VIII was kinda easy if you knew what you were doing. Did Ultimecia ever hit you with the move called "Great Attractor"? Its while she's junctioned to Griever. She pulls like three or four planets (or something like that) together and crushes you between all of them. That's one heckuva move. I had my defence and magic defense maxed out and it still killed me. Of course it didn't look nearly as cool as Sephiroth's Supernova attack.:cool:
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  7. Oh yeah, and I couldn't beat her if she used that skill even being maxed out like you said.
    Yeah, Sephiroth's move was really cool and dangerous! XD It either did or almost killed my parties depending on the damage points.
  8. OOOOO yeahhhhhh! Ultimecia did hit me with that and I was also maxed out on my magic and defense, but I had special armor, i can't remember the name of it but, it knocked me down to 1 life pt. I was very lucky to use full heal and managed to pull off 2 power attacks.........was it MAD RUSH? That may be from another FF version. but any how I was able to whip hands were sweatin hard LOL
    Sephiroth is especially hard I think because he was Clouds' brother. Ultimecia was their mom.
    I'm werkin on FF12 rite now. I named my guessed it!! "Chili" AAAAAAHAhahahahahahahahehehehehe
  9. Hello,

    I didn't played PS3 game but I want to play, could you guide to download this game..
  10. yes i do play games but generally online. what do you wanna know?

  11. I don't play PS3 games. But I play computer games. I love to play it. It gives me more fun.
  12. Mostly it depends on my mood. I play games according to my mood. Sometimes I play online car racing games and sometimes I play PS3 strategy games..........
  13. I always prefer PC games, I like to play PC games very much..
  14. Im a PC gamer, usually the COD series and some battlefield. I have a xbox 360, that usually only gets used as a DVD player, I havent played an actual game on it in months.
  15. Pc gamer here as well, have been one for as long as i can remeber. A bit of an old timer gamer, use to play Mech Warrior series, Battlefield 1942, counterstrike then started getting into RPG games like Neverwinter nights 1& 2, Dragon Age and Fallout 1,2, & 3 and now Skyrim.

    IMHO i probably would never play a Dungeon and dragons rules game again (NWN, DA Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate) for the reason there is something about D&D games that use to affect me when playing. Tiredness, depressing thoughts headaches etc., Ingame I am learning about new spells and summoning demons that use to take its toll on my mind.

    I read an aticle once on D&D rules were created by modern day witchers (back in the 70s) - wizards = paganism. After reading that it all added up what was happening to me as i played D&D games for years. So if i can say from my experience - stay away from D&D games.
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