Ps3 or PC games anyone?

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  1. Ps3 or PC games anyone?

    Like the title, does anyone here play PS3?

    CoD4 CoDMW2 MAG Or Battlefield Bad Company 2?

    Or perhaps the typical computer games ;O
  2. I don't have a PS3, but I have a PS2.

    I tried computer games...I didn't have a computer right for gaming and I didn't really like the whole online experience.

    As far as game wise, I'm into fantasy stuff or just random, mindless kiddie games. Sometimes when I am really thoughtful I'll play my games from when I was like...five, just to stimulate my thoughts, LOL.

    I just got my PS2 again after we moved into our new place. Now I don't really have a TV to play it with - everyone has a TV and no one wants to share. -_-;
  3. My son has a PS3, I am not real sure what he has. I know He was interested in Guitar Hero for a bit. My older son plays war games, but on the computer.
    He is really involved in School and church so He don't get a chance to play that often.

    I have been playing computer games (Video games) since.......... ummm 1977. I don't really get into the War stuff, but I have played lots of the first Medal of Honor's that came out awhile back. I like more real time strategy games or city builder games myself. I also like good adventure type games. Right now I am checking out Dragon Age Origins, and have not really gotten into it that far.

    I mostly use the computer to listen to sermons and use my bible program. (E-Sword) The wife plays Sims 3 sometimes.

    I built this computer to play anything. It's a Quad core with 9800 Asus GTX+ Graphic card. 4 Gigs of high speed ram. 64 bit system. All that power seldom gets used unless one of my sons plays Fallout 3 or Crysis. It runs my bible program pretty good though.

    Glad to see another gamer out there.

    Be blessed.
  4. Yes I am into gaming... I have a PS3 and enjoy it very much... helps me get out of the house sort of speak since most trips out of the house is to a doctors office and the ps3 lets me interact with other gamers...

    been gaming since me dad gave me a 2 dollar bill to play at the arcade in the bowling ally...

    every since than... they have been a great interest of mine...

    That is where I met Phil from here.... on a gaming website and he in turn itroduced me to this forums...
    but he does not game any more....
  5. LOL nice screen name I have to mention..FAT MAN GO BOOM. haha. Anyone who is Japanese should figure that one out quick. My boyfriend has a PS3 i'm not one much for video games..I think that last time I played video games was on Super Famicom..or better known as to Americans the Super Nintendo lol long time ago.
  6. I'm definitely a gamer, but I'm not really into the games you listed. I tend towards RPG and look for games with a good storyline. I have a PS3, Xbox360, Wii, etc... Everything back to the old school Atari.
  7. Im with Ban!! In fact i used to make "Pong" for Atari as my first job. Wow what memories.
    I'm into RPG and IL2 Sturmovik 1946 and jus a few others

    Chili out.
  8. im a ps3 addict!!! lol all the fighting games i have them haha

    and its becoming a religion lol its better than doing drugs i guess

    trying to cut down on ps3 hahahaha
  9. uhhhh... well, I'm a hardcore gamer lol...
    I like to play any and all games.. preferably on the pc! :)
    I have a gaming computer built for awesome graphics and speed lol...
    my favorite genres has to be RPGS, MMORPGS, FPS, SIMULATION... and I guess Action-adventure.
    I own a xbox, xbox 360, ps2, ps3, game cube, psp, and an nds... so,
    yeah... Gaming is a big part of my life lol, though God is bigger of course lol hahahah! ^_^
  10. You and me both! I'm picky with my RPG's too, they must have a good plot for me to keep playing the game. I lost interest in FF13 as it really limits you. I don't like games like that and it's very unfortunate that it happened to a Final Fantasy game.
  11. I've been ready to go take on the last guy in FF13 for several months now and just haven't gotten around to it due to a fatal lack of interest.
  12. YEah... FFXIII was a big let down...
    I think it should have at least have real time combat; though I liked the character models.. :D
  13. It kind of was real time... I know not in the way you're thinking, but you really had to think about the choices of your actions which was a struggle for me, but I always ended up beating a summon or a bad boss. I just didn't like how limited you were in the game, and yeah the graphics are awesome, but really I'm just looking for a descent plot. FFVII will always be my fave. Not so great graphics, but a stimulating story I'll never tire of~ ^.^
  14. lol... I prefer the old school (and I'm 17) FF1-5 :D
    even though it didn't have the best graphics, I loved the artwork and the music...
  15. I used to be a big gamer. Not so much anymore. When I get really into a game it takes my attention away from God and His Word. BIG mistake to put worldly things before God, so I pick my games carefully these days. Last PS3 game I played was Batman: Arkham Asylum. The best comic book video game ever in my opinion. It can be a tad disturbing at times though. I'm looking forward to the sequel.:)
    I love the Final Fantasy series. FFVIII (8) is my personal favorite of the franchise. It contained the first love story I ever cared about, and made me appreciate human emotion and love. XII wasn't great. Too much anti-religion crap cluttered throughout it. The guy who oversaw the making of XII and Tactics seems to hate organized religion. XIII doesn't look too wonderful either, and there's speculation that two of the main characters are supposed to be homosexual. So, I'm not in a hurry to start that one. I also like the Zelda series, what few games of it I've played.
  16. Really?? Can you explain to me about FFVII's anti-religion? I loved FFVII and now I'm afraid I've enjoyed something I shouldn't have?
    VIII was great too! ^^
  17. Remember the guys that were chasing Aerith? There were a lot of religious nuts in that game.
  18. I suppose typical computer games for me. Tetris, mine sweeper, card games, mahjongg solitaire etc.

    It's been quite a while since I've played others but I go back to Jet Set Willy, etc. on Sinclair Spectrums and my first computer was a Commodore Vic 20 - used to play Lunar Lander on that. Moved to a PC with an Amstrad PC 1512 but never went on to play stations, etc. or got interested in more sophisticated gaming.
  19. You mean the Turks?? I didn't get at all what they were saying except that they needed to capture her for experimentation. I thought it had something to do with bad translation [​IMG]
  20. Oh, no, I was talking about XII (12). VII (7) wasn't quite like XII. FF12 seems to be all about how the "gods" are just these selfish, arrogant sky beings who look down their noses condescendingly at the humans (humes) and who are bent on their desire for control of the human race's lives, without any real regard for the humans' wellbeing. The gods (Called the Occuria) are portrayed as hateful and unloving toward humans. There seemed to be a strong emphasis on humans having total freedom, even from their creators. Go ahead and look in the in-game bestiary of FF12 and read the infromation about many of the mopnsters that have been killed by the player. You'll find that many of those monsters were created by the "gods" and that killing them is to act against the creators. Sometimes it seems like the developer of FF12 and Tactics feels that Heaven is the real bad guy, because the player's pretty much fighting against heaven throughout the game. It almost seemed like a relativistic sneek attack to me, because without some sort of proper standard of what's "good" it only leaves humans with their desires and nothing more. "If it feels good, its right". and its up to each person to decide for themselves what's right for them. But what if it "feels good" to rape a child? In the absence of any objective moral law, who's to say that another person's choices are wrong? So sometimes it makes no sense why the characters would even say that other people's choices are wrong or evil. They need an objective standard of good and evil, and the sub-perfect "gods" clearly don't supply that. The guy who oversaw the making of FF12 also oversaw the making of Final Fantasy Tactics (and they're both set in the same world, along with Vagrant Story), and Tactics portrayed the religious folks in it (who bore a shocking resemblance to the Catholic church) to be intolerant, paranoid murderous witch-hunter types who aimed to kill anyone and everyone who disagreed with their beliefs.

    FFVII has its share of weirdness too. It seems to draw heavy influence from the Kabbala (I mean, c'mon, the villain's name was Sephiroth for crying outloud). And it also takes the same approach to the concept of God as the movie Avatar does by adopting the school of thought of many new age religions; the planet is God. The planet is what gives life to all living things yada yada. Same problem applies here that applies in 12: in the absence of a transcendent law-giver, how exactly do they propose to claim that certain actions, like murder, are wrong? I think the developers are deep thinkers, but it looks as though they haven't actually sat down and thought about objective morality, and what it means to say that something is "good" or "evil".

    With that said, though, its never explicitly stated (to my knowledge) that there is no truly transcendent God out of which moral absolutes flow. So I guess we could assume there is one. So I think you're ok. So long as we don't subscribe to the silly notions that are portrayed in the games' worldviews, as long as we regard it as what it is...fiction....I think we'll be ok. FF7 is my 2nd favorite Final Fantasy title, right behind 8.

    But I'm not shy about saying that I'm not comfortable with the constant anti-relgion, anti-God stuff found in FF12 and FFTactics. There are good things about those games, but the anti-heaven overtones make me uncomfortable. And besides, the stories in those two games aren't as epic as the stories of the others. I mean, sheesh.

    You guys ever watch the FF7 movie they made, Advent Children?

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