Provoke Not Your Children To Anger

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  1. I've said before that we have been so enjoying fellowship here and whole we're in a more relaxed Pastor role, we have so much time to study and seek God. Having two babies under two, I've been thinking a lot about this verse, I've alway coined it the bedrock of child care because this is one of the few teachings in the NT about raising our kids. So my question is, I reckon there's easily 16 + ways we can provoke our children to anger and I was hoping for some feedback on other ways we could falter on this encouragement?
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  2. First one that comes to mind is when we desire our children to follow a path for which they were not created and insist upon it. The Bible advises that we train a child in the way they show the tendency of going -- train them according to their interests and talents -- and not try to change them.

    Our daughter could talk anyone into feeling better about themselves and their actions. She would reason these things out and advise them toward their best interests. My first husband died when she was 5.5, and she'd been doing this for a year or more, so she showed this tendency very young. Well, we loved creating verbal situations in which she could use this. We thought we would be a diplomat! But she is a wife, mom, and she's in health care, and she continues to use this talent. She has had to learn not to be a push-over.

    Our son always had a snide sense of humor, which I enjoyed. :D He is a husband, dad, and a bank manager. Believe it or not, this sense of humor helps him think things through in ways I would not be able to imagine and give answers to both employees and borrowers, when wit is necessary. He has, I admit, had to temper this talent. :D
  3. Communication or lack of
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  4. Here's one that is very damaging -- one I have never heard anyone bring up at all: Not allowing a child to have ownership. To explain, the child's bike just disappears without the child having any say (given away, sold, etc.). Clothes disappear similarly, toys, too, and so on. The child has no defense, and either has a lifetime of struggle with ownership or learns it late. Causes deep, seething anger with no remedy.
  5. Hi, Tez, sorry for the late reply, been helping my wife on her start on CFS, I'm sure you'll come across each other. Tez that is such a good response and thanks so much. You seem like you've got a good Mamma head on you and I appreciate insight, sounds like such a godly thought. It's strange, since we've had the two babies we've a heightened sense of wanting to do the absolute best, your comments are great...
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  6. Simple and too the point, absolutely agree. Emily is really switched on and understands a lot so I could imagine her becoming frustrated if good communication isn't there, I'm sure that's one of the points the Lord was making when he said provoke not your children to anger....
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  7. That is so deep Tez, like it, Sharon is sitting next to me and really likes this one!
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