Proverbs 6:16

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  1. Hi, please help me out on Proverbs 6:16. Why does it say there are 6 things God hates but 7 are an abomination? I know that between the GNB and KJ's version there is different wording and I don't want to get stuck on semantics but why the discrepancy between the numbers? Have I missed something in the rest of the book? Thanks:confused:
  2. Hi Lee-Ann, This is a literary device used particularly in Proverbs. You will find a similar structure in 30:18; 30:21; 30:24 and 30:29. Basically it is a way of saying that whatever is said about the first number of things applies even more intensely to the last.


  3. Yay :D .. read the passages and I see it now. Thank you!
  4. Correct and do not forget the GNB is only a paraphrase (thus unintentionally tainted with the Author's opinion and limitations of translation...but I like it and have a copy also...however it is not the unadulterated word of God)...

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