Prophecy Happening

Discussion in 'Events' started by Abdicate, Jun 6, 2016.

  2. yes I think so too
  3. It's been happening for years. Subliminal mind control at it's finest.
  4. Lol my sister, it has been happening for a millennium , why the devil has been using strategic tailored to each person thoughts.
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  5. Since the Garden of Eden. Lol.

    I think nowadays the people being manipulated by enemy seem to be used in an more 'open' environment, which ultimately has led the world to accept such foolishness.
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  6. Wait until I can get back to that thread I started. Exposing some truth for sure. To tired to deal with it now. 2 days of maybe 5 hours sleep and maybe 2 hours last night.
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  7. For sure big brother:) get some sleep, ya hear! :love:
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  8. Abdicate
    My apologies Brother for getting off course here in your thread.
    Blessings Sir
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  9. Not an issue :)
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  10. The same subliminal programming used against Adam and Eve is the same programming today and people have still not catched on today, but then again their lost and depraved so its no surprise.
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  11. This is truthful and not quite complete. It's Not Just the lost that the enemy is leading around through thoughts and feelings and things seen.

    Over the weekend I am going to get this series of mine on this topic back on track here

    The times and Prophecies and such are Brother Abdicate specialty and fighting the good fight of faith and the truth about the way our enemy operates is mine.

    We all have our area's and I know our brother Abdicate does put in the long hours of time into his studies and it shows. (y) such as I do in mine.

    So God Bless us all and may we keep that hunger alive and burning to grow in the things of God.
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