Prophecy before salvation

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    Before I was saved by the arrest of Jesus we lived in a city and longed for a place of our own in the country. One winter's night several years before becoming a born again Christian I penned a short poem entitled "Mountain Home".

    It begins "someday I'll have a mountain home with forests all around"

    Amazingly the Lord gave us that place and we've been here for some 46 years. I had no idea that I was prophesying as I wrote those simple words but God already knew I was His. By faith I was calling those things that were not as though they were.

    As I sit this morning and look out over the mountains and the tree tops of the river bottom below our house I am again reminded of His faithfulness. That no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.

    Thank you Lord for your blessings on all of us.
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  2. Nice pictures and testimony Frank... thanks for sharing.
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  3. It looks lovely. I love trees
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