prophecies being fullfilled

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  1. prophecies being fullfilled

    i will start it going isreal reforming.:D
  2. When I want to see prophecies being fulfilled I just pick up the newspaper SC!
  3. The Dispensational view believes that from the time of the Church God had two plans running concurrently. The continuation of Judiasm and the Church. Therefore Dispensationalists have divided all the promises in the Old Covenant into two piles - one for the Jews and one pile for the Church. God only has one plan and it is the preaching of the cross - there is no other.

    Of course I hold the Amillennial view - by choice after studying all three views. I grew up with all the Hal Lindsey left behind stuff which is not true. Israel today is just like any other Nation in the world. They need to come to Christ just like everyone else in the whole world.
  4. i feel sorry for the young,so much to digest.
  5. I am pan-millennial I will see how it pans out.:D
  6. What's wrong here?
    I grew up in the Dispensational world and still live there. I don't even know anyone, personally, who is an Amillenialist. I was really bracing to get beat up on this thread - like usual (especially by the handle of "Sons of thunder.").

    Larry #2
  7. I have seen some really interseting theories presented from alot of different angles but I personally think we will all be surprised to see how it works out! Nobody here wants to beat you up but perhaps we can learn from each other as " iron sharpens iron"
  8. Daniel 12:4 "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

    Prophecy is being fulfilled as you read this. "many shall to-and-fro" or "rove" (there is no RUN in the verse).

    That is what we do today through the internet - we "rove" or "surf" and by this means "knowledge is increased". This refers to both spiritual and material knowledge.
  9. Hey Jasper:
    Your statement on "grewing up with all the Hal Lindsey's stuff" (and I mean stuff) is also what I did until I started studying the Word of our Lord. I've studied most of the premillennial writings, including Hal Lindsey's teacher, John Walvoord.
    I agee with you totally when you say Israel today is just like any other nation. The Messiah Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer to "whosoever" will, regards if they call themselves a Jew or not.
    The Lord took the Kingdom away from them and gave it to a nation that would produce the fruit thereof:
    Matthew 21:43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken away from you, and shall be given to a nation bringing forth the fruits

    A.D. 70 was the climax of the age of the Jewish economy ending, never again to be back as a nation as they were under the Levitical priesthood. The Lord Jesus warned them of the destruction of their nation and He destroyed it through General Titus in 70 A.D. Jesus explained (& warned) the Jews throughly in Matthew 24.
    You may see a lot of religious people in Israel, but you will NEVER see it back with the old priesthood it was under.
  10. Hi CDJ,
    Yes I agree with what you said, but theologically I'm finding myself in a bit of a strange situation – allow me to explain. For almost two decades I have argued vehemently against the Premillennial Dispensationalists, but then I experienced a very unexpected major paradigm shift. I had gotten so frustrated and unable to understand how Spirit filled people could possibly espouse such illogical and errant theology as Premillennial Dispensationalism. Posing this question rhetorically before the Lord one day a couple years ago – I wasn't really expecting an answer – but I received one anyway. The word came to me which said, “I am using these people as a special friend to Israel.†So hearing this I quickly concluded that whatever God was doing in present day Israel - it also included the Dispensationalists in particular. From that I would guess that he is probably going to bring about a great revival there and these who have a special friendship with Israel will be the first to enthusiastically jump in and minister within it. And so I resolved that in the future I would continue to honestly tell people what I believe, but would refrain from arguing so intently; and never again allow myself to get so utterly frustrated because of it..

    I also found it interesting that in this one sentence revelation (all of mine are one sentence) there was no indication of who is right or wrong. I have noticed this pattern over my many years. The Lord just doesn't seem to care anything about getting involved with our theological squabbles, It really seems that all he is interested in is his personal relationship with us. Do you suppose that there is an object lesson here for forum writers?

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  11. families in uk are broken families kids run riot with not a lot of restraint.pressures from law about how to treat children ,not helping.respect for olders is non tells people bad news and new ways to be the old saying goes no news is good news.could anyone answer me this question where has the good news gone?im trying to find it but it seems to have left.:jesus-cross:

  12. Amen, Amen, Amen.

    Good posting, Larry 2

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