Proof the Sabbath was kept in the 4th century

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  1. Proof the Sabbath was kept in the 4th century

    Italy AND EAST-C 4th
    "It was the practice generally of the Easterne Churches; and some churches of the west...For in the Church of Millaine (Milan); seems the Saturday was held in a farre esteeme... Not that the Easterne Churches, or any of the rest which observed that day, were inclined to Iudaisme (Judaism); but that they came together on the Sabbath day, to worship Iesus (Jesus) Christ the Lord of the Sabbath." "History of the Sabbath" (original spelling retained), Part 2, par. 5, pp.73, 74. London: 1636. Dr. Heylyn.

    Italy - Milan
    "Ambrose, the celebrated bishop of Milan, said that when he was in Milan he observed Saturday, but when in Rome observed Sunday. This gave rise to the proverb, 'When you are in Rome, do as Rome does.'" Heylyn, "The History of the Sabbath" (1612)

    Orient And Most Of World
    "The ancient Christians were very careful in the observance of Saturday, or the seventh day...It is plain that all the Oriental churches, and the greatest part of the world, observed the Sabbath as a festival...Athanasius likewise tells us that they held religious assembles on the Sabbath, not because they were infected with Judaism, but to worship Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath, Epiphanius says the same." "Antiquities of the Christian Church," Vol.II Book XX, chap. 3, sec.1, 66. 1137,1138.

    Abyssinia - Remnants of Philip's Evangelism
    "In the last half of that century St. Ambrose of Milan stated officially that the Abyssinian bishop, Museus, had 'traveled almost everywhere in the country of the Seres' (China). For more than seventeen centuries the Abyssinian Church continued to sanctify Saturday as the holy day of the fourth commandment." Ambrose, DeMoribus, Brachmanorium Opera Ominia, 1132, found in Migne, Patrologia Latima, Vol.17, pp.1131,1132.

    Arabia, Persia, India, China
    "Mingana proves that in 370 A.D. Abyssinian Christianity (a Sabbath keeping church) was so popular that its famous director, Musacus, travelled extensively in the East promoting the church in Arabia, Persia, India and China." "Truth Triumphant,"p.308 (Footnote 27). (Page numbers vary in this Online version)

    Spain - Council Elvira (A.D.305)
    Canon 26 of the Council of Elvira reveals that the Church of Spainat that time kept Saturday, the seventh day. "As to fasting every Sabbath: Resolved, that the error be corrected of fasting every Sabbath." This resolution of the council is in direct opposition to the policy the church at Rome had inaugurated, that of commanding Sabbath as a fast day in order to humiliate it and make it repugnant to the people.

    It is a point of further interest to note that in north-eastern Spainnear the city of Barcelona is a city called Sabadell, in a district originaly inhabited. By a people called both "Valldenses" and Sabbatati."

    Persia-A.D. 335-375 (40 Years Persecution Under Shapur II)
    The popular complaint against the Christians-"They despise our sungod, they have divine services on Saturday, they desecrate the sacred the earth by burying their dead in it." Truth Triumphant," (Online Version p. 261)

    "They despise our sun-god. Did not Zorcaster, the sainted founder of our divine beliefs, institute Sunday one thousand years ago in honour of the sun and supplant the Sabbath of the Old Testament. Yet these Christians have divine services on Saturday." O'Leary, "The Syriac Church and Fathers," pp.83, 84.

    Council Laodicea - A.D.365
    "Canon 16-On Saturday the Gospels and other portions of the Scripture shall be read aloud." "Canon 29-Christians shall not Judaize and be idle on Saturday, but shall work on that day; but the Lord's day they shall especially honor, and as being Christians, shall, if possible, do no work on that day." Hefele's "Councils," Vol. 2, b. 6. (See an online version of this council on the Roman Catholic New Advent website - see Canon 29)
  2. It is just my opinion but those who feel they should keep the sabbath should do so. The Sabbath was a type and shadow of our rest in Jesus Christ. He has made us priests and kings and we are to worship and serve Him daily. I do no work outside of Christ - I rest from my labors and move in the strength of the Holy Spirit. I focus my heart, love and devotion to the Father through His Son and in the power of His Spirit- this is my Sabbath rest.

  3. OK umm I was not trying to tell anyone to do anything ... Just wanted to present some proof.

    Also the type and shadow your referring to is talking about the Ordinances which where responsible for righteousness. Ask any Theologian and they will tell you this


    This is an oft discussed topic and will be closely watched.

  5. Quik question... why is this off topic:confused: and why is everyone soo tuchy about this.. we are all Christians here :groupray:( I hope)

    Anyhow. this was posted in Love. and not to offend or hurt anyone

    God Bless.
  6. Just presenting my view on that subject. I hope that was not inappropriate or a problem in any way.:)


    LOL:D Just jokeing friend. (Atrhick give Boanerges a BIG HUG):cool:

  8. This is a topic which has been discussed many, many times and each time resulted in a heated discussion.

    The thread will be allowed so long as the discussion remains civil.
  9. HMS said oft discussed topic not off-:p
  10. oww i was thinking he was lazzy and typed oft and no off forum topic or something lol
  11. Ah, you are indeed correct.
  12. You know, when I was a teenager, I went to a church that was dominated by Jewish converts. And although we had services on Saturday, not a single person ever said anything negative about worship on Sunday. Personally, any day works for me. I am not really a respecter of calendars anyways. Well, except the ones with classic cars on them. They're cool. :D

    I do think this debate, if I may call it that, will be settled after the Judgment Seat of Christ. And we all will see how unnecessary it was. Just worship Him!! Who cares what day or time it is!! :preach:
  13. Hallelujah, praise the Lord and amen!:D
  14. Of course the Sabbath was kept in the 4th century. God's Church has always kept His Sabbath and still does. God said that His Sabbath was a sign between Him and His people.

  15. I Like You :d
  16. I like both of you I just believe that Christ is my Sabbath. As we are born again we are brothers though and such a thing cannot separate us from loving each other.:)
  17. I'm really glad that we can now worship God on every day instead of just the sabbath.

  18. lol I was just joking. I love all you guys... I also agree that we can worship God on everyday... I just believe that the Sabbath is a special day set aside by Jesus for us to worship him
  19. The way I see it… I can remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy while I am working.
    Whether it be Saturday or Sunday, or any weekday, when I’m working any day, I’m working for God, not my company boss.
    “My Boss Is A Jewish Carpenter”
    I need to get another bumper sticker. :D

    Anyway… with my job, I help vulnerable adults live a more convenient, comfortable life. If I punch in on a Saturday or Sunday, and go fix someone’s wheelchair, hospital bed, dining room table… whatever it is, I think that makes God happy. I know it makes the residents happy. :D

    P.S. My ex wife was raised in a Jewish family. I got the skinny on the real deal of how they do some things.

    I love the big tooth, green smileys. :D:D:D
  20. Hello There. Peace of Christ.....To "ALL" a Church without the Sabbath day is like a Christ without the Cross.....of no value to the human race....No one is saved?... Thed Sabbath is the heart of the Law, is the Day where the Creator and the created fellowship "Every Week", is the day He washes our sins thanks to our faith, the bread and the wine, and re-news our spirits, thanks to Our Obedience and His love for us.....Dwell In this two scriptures...Heb. 12; 14 Without "Holiness" NOBODY will see the Lord?..=Ex. 31:13Say to the Israelites (We the Christians are the New Spiritual Israel, the Isreal of God for the New heaven, made of "ANYONE" who Obeys His Commandments, and Understands, believes and accepts that Jesus a.k the Son is Jesus a.k the Father YHWH the Holy Spirit...One God "ALONE" Not three, or two or four, etc. etc.and gettinb baptized in His name...otherwise...No Eternal life in Heaven, but in "HELL"...regardless of what satan says to many)...'You must observe my Sabbaths (The weekly) . This will be a sign between me and you for generations to come, so you may know...THAT I AM YHWH "WHO MAKES YOU HOLY"..see!! and we find Him only in the Sabbath=1 Peter 2:12 ...So!! No Sabbath...No Holiness...No Holiness...No Eternal Life.....

    God bless and have a:
    Happy, Holy, Loving, Joyful, Peaceful, Wonderful, Sabbath-Day.....Brother James
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