Proof Prayer Works

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    I live in N. Virginia and it was set for us, and we prayed against it coming here, and it went out to sea. We didn't even have a single drop of rain. Furthermore, today was the nicest day in over 60 days of hot muggy weather. In fact, all we got was a nice warm breeze today. It was simply perfect. Gloy to God for answering our prayers.
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  2. Amen that is awesome and many believers across the world are taking their God given dominion and doing the same But far to many believers dwell in the deception that storms and other such tragedies are God's doings or will and refuse to fight the good fight of faith.

    The biggest defeat in the body of Christ is the deception they pass down as God's word and ways. Religion kills but Christ saves.
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  3. Glory to God for keeping you protected. What a wonderful example of God's love and grace for you and your family, and for everyone in this world who will take Him at His Word, and take dominion over what we should....
    God bless and thanks for sharing this wonderful praise report with us all!
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  4. God is good all the time :)
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  5. What would be religion to you? Just repetitiveness?
  6. Religion is All the stuff people pass down as religious traditions generation after generation that do not line up with the will of God or another words, His Most Holy Written Word.

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  7. Praise Jesus!
  8. Awesome! I must learn to prayer correctly. Thank you for sharing
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  9. Praying His word always brings results. Just got to get enough of His word in you that it begins to develop Faith with in your heart.
  10. Thank you. And would that be that His Word Being, I Am?
  11. Blessings,
    If you are referring to God saying I am.
    He is the great I am.
    He is the way to truth and life.
    He is light into this world.

    It's all of His Word. His written word to us. It teaches us how to Think and Act and Speak as He does. His word is our owners manual to how to live up right before Him.

    Once we get His word in us enough it changes us from the inside out. We then begin to operate in this life as He has created us to and His words become our words.

    Meaning when we get to this place spiritually (in Him) then He will do what we say because we are saying His words. See God's promises are backed by all the honor of His name and His words never return unto Him void. He backs them......

    However......we must learn to live our lives according to His written word.
    This might all sound hard or demanding or even a bunch of rules but believe me it's so much more.

    See God is Love and when we lean to walk in His Love.......everything changes and becomes everything we couldnt or the impossible becomes possible.
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