PROOF: Christian Persecution by 'Law'

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  1. The United States has officially entered into the territory of persecuting Christians (or by precedent any 'faith') through legislation -or- the 'law'.

    Ky. clerk's office will issue marriage licenses Friday — without the clerk

    I am not stating this is a brand 'new thing': what I am trying to convey is that it is now open season for people of 'faith' (and yes "Christians" are the primary target) to be removed from any public official office through enforcement of the law.

    This tactic has been slowly being used for a long time, but now it's getting put in your face as fear mongering to either get people of faith out of office, keep them out of office or make them bend to the will of the Beast through the 'law'.

    In one article it states she was arrested because she 'took an oath' and an 'oaths mean things...'. Tell that to our crooked politicians who took an oath to the US Constitution.

    You see, the 'law' only applies to those not in the System of the Beast; if you are in the system-especially the higher in power you get; the more 'immune' to the law you become. So for "law-abiding Christians"; you get the proverbial book thrown at you.

    This is not the first case-it won't be the last- and it is not going to get any better; UNLESS God's people repent, the nation repents and turns back to God and turns back to God's law-not man's.

    I fear the USA is well beyond that as a nation....

    So we in the USA may not be getting beheaded in the streets (yet); but there is definite persecution by 'law'- Satan's law, going on.

    But yet the LORD allows it- thus I can only believe that we are overdue for persecution in this weak 'ultra-grace' driven contemporary church we have here in the USA. We are lukewarm at bes. Will we learn as a Church form this?
  2. It will KEEP GOING THIS WAY unless born again spirit filled believers get off their high horse and stop complaining and start praying. We can change things and should have done so by now. Please do not tell me it is too late or it is the sign of the times .
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  3. You say the Lord allows it like it is His will. Brother Jesus already took care of this and enpowered us over the defeated foe. Christians need to stand on their feet and put him in his place. Stop making satan out to be this great force of power as if Born again believer have no choice.
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    A lot of evangelists are prophecying that america will be saved, and have already begun holding meetings with thousands being saved. So maybe its time for more believers to get over on the faith side of things and support them in prayer and begin to petition the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people. Everyone has to a part to play, and it starts with prayer and faith in God to do the work.

    This is not just an america thing either. In whatever nation you are from, it's time to pray to the Lord of the Harvest (Mt 9:38) to send forth laborers unto the fields to gather the ripe fruit (people). There are going to be a lot of opportunities online to share what God has taught each one of us.

    Its time for us all to be praying for God to put born again spirit filled people in every office of government. It may not be getting any better, but those of us who are believers we (if we walk in love and forgiveness..not being a pushover or overbearing either) can and will make a difference. Its up to us to change the world through prayer :). How much do we honestly love God, to pray that as many of His children are engrafted into the vine? That is the Fathers heart, to have as many as possible to know Him and going to heaven.

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  5. Here is my take on all this. Marriage and the Sabbath were twin institutions in Eden. They both came before the fall. With Gay marriage, the US government, speaking as a dragon (Rev 13:11), attacked the first twin. My conviction is that in retaliation, under the suggestion of the Pope, the religious right is going to demand a Sunday law in response (which will be violation of the Bible Sabbath) and an attack on the second twin. Where one twin born, what follows shortly is the birth of the second twin. When that happens, then you will see the mark of the beast spoken about come to pass.

    "And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe." John 14:29
  6. I just saw news that she is going to be sent to jail.. sad.. will be praying for her and her family..
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    Before I get on my soapbox: let me clarify the point of this thread because it is clearly be misinterpreted. That being said; let me also make it clear that I know the root of the problem and it is here:


    Just so everyone is clear; I am not trying to point fingers at any one individual or group.

    The point of this thread is to get Christians to get their heads out of the sand and see the bigger picture. This is not about 'gay marriage'; this is about the 'law' being purposely created to persecute and isolate Christians from functioning in society. "Gay Marriage" is just one topic- one vehicle to enable the System to "legally" remove Christians from positions of power through laws that forbid discrimination and 'hate speech'.

    This is the beginning of a full fledged spiritual attack using the 'law' created by the System of the Beast. You can deny it if you want too...but the reality is in your face.

    If you noticed in my original post I said: " This is not the first case-it won't be the last- and it is not going to get any better; UNLESS God's people repent, the nation repents and turns back to God and turns back to God's law-not man's."

    So I agree with you that God's people need to get on their faces and pray; and IF God's people repent-God can use the Church. But their is no way you can say that God is going to 'bless the USA' in the current state of the government and Church. The CHURCH is going to have to REPENT and THEN God would move us into repairing the government.

    So being optimistic and putting on a happy face and acting like everything is okay is extremely dangerous. We need to be sober, vigilant and equipping ourselves with Spiritual armor. Are we going to deny that Revelation exists? Or Daniel? Or Isaiah? Or Zechariah? Or Jeremiah? Etc....

    And I must admit; I AM GUILTY in my lack of faith and rebellious disobedience. Quite frankly the majority of the Church is ignorant and in denial. And when someone tries to raise the red flag, they get thrown in the miry pit. Or those that hear it stop their ears and gnash their teeth.Then they go find someone to tell them what they want to hear- it is human nature...

    The Church has been saying for so long 'we don't know when he is coming back'; that even when the signs that Christ told us about or revealed to His prophets become evident; the Church is to afraid to make a stand because 'no man knows'...
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  8. Now, I will admit that my eye is darkened compared to some: I even pray that God allow me to see the 'light' and life and goodness in things. Being that I live in the commie- nazi- socialist- liberal run "Vampire" state of New York; yeah, maybe I am more jaded. But then again- God has given me some purpose here in which I do not fully understand.

    I see it: I see it as plain as day in front of my face and yet 'Church' people are clueless. NO: I don't like it, I don't want it to be this way. I sometimes wonder if God is torturing me ( I KNOW HE"S NOT!) by allowing me to see and know these things which are brought into the light just by observation.

    I am not claiming to be a 'prophet' We have had our fill of prophecy in the Word. But that doesn't stop God from allowing us to SEE!

    What I am asking the Church to do is: OPEN YOUR EYES! We are so close to the tipping point of the coming of the Anti-Christ. The world is primed for it....

    The day is near when We- the Church; will have to make an individual choice dying in the name of Jesus Christ, or abandoning our faith for the 'mark' and earthly survival.

    We better be preparing our children for battle...spiritually...

    Somebody please show me the promise of God in the Bible where THIS Earth is sunshine and roses? It is folly....
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  9. As i re read your last two posts, i am reminded that God allows those who have a heart for Him, and love His people, to see those things that cause Him pain. See those things that cause us to pray for those who are blinded by the sparkles and the ear tickling veils of this world. We who He has enlightened to these things are the ones that are called to pray for opportunities to lovingly instruct, or even just have a conversation, planting the seeds that God can water, those of the Body of Christ that are needing some encouragement to walk in God's ways and not in the worlds ways. For those things that we compromise to keep...we will loose. Meaning if we make the choice to hang onto any part of the worlds ways, thus ignoring the fact that they are not God's ways....God's ways will be lost. We can at some point go back to walking in God's ways in that area, but it will be like starting all over and it will be more difficult to train the body and the mind to submit, because they have already enjoyed free reign. Its like trying to break a high spirited horse :)

    I agree fuly to train in spiritual warfare, but we also should be teaching walking in love and forgiveness and be obedient to all the things that God gives us to do. How to fight the good fight of faith. And how to be strong in the Lord so that people of the world will see Jesus through us, an have a desire to know the One to Whom we find hope and strength. This is the time to be fully saturating our minds with the Word, and making much time with the Father. Getting more into doing what God instructs us to do to further the gospel. Praying endlessly for the people in our areas, for their hearts to be prepared to receive the gospel, and for the laborers to be strenghtened in their evangelism.

  10. Strange she would face jail over being fired or quiting.
  11. @kodac: What I think we 'westernized' Christians in the USA need to do most is get off the Nationalism train and get on board the with the Heavenly Host. The Corporation of the United States of America which is currently governing this country is vile. God is allowing it - but he won't put His hand of blessing on it. God will bless the obedient Saints which sacrifice something to the cause of Christ. Maybe that's the problem; what has the Church in the USA really been sacrificing?

    We have been robbing God in tithes & offerings, perverting His Word in the pulpits. We don't really live the Gospel. There are some - but I think our pride has put blinders on to the coming overdue payment...

    Jesus said it best: "Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." That's for the believers....
  12. We are also called not to be ignorant of the Devil's 'devices/ wiles / schemes'. This is a command to the believer. And yet so many want to believe the lies broadcast on the hypno-boob-tube.

    The deception is much deeper than most people are capable of accepting in their own logic.
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  13. I fully agree and that is why i do not watch tv. The news stories are manipulated to tell you only what they want you to hear, truth or not. They are created and broadcast in such a way that they add drama and emotion that are not at all what has happened, or to create more of an uproar umongst the people who are watching. Its all about ratings and money. Sometimes just a milder version of Jerry Springer :) The other things that bothers me is that you hardly ever hear the good stuff. Its always negative.

    Something else i forgot to say is that there are a lot of people who are praying and have repented, and God will move on their behalf. So as you said we just have to be one of the repented and praying, God will do the rest

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  14. I think it was a clever move from the opposite camp.. If she was fired, then the gay activists, media and the world will have to give an explanation on why she was fired.. and probably give some kind of justification.. now things are turned against her to explain why she should be allowed to keep on disobeying court's order.. just guessing.
  15. Makes a lot of worldy sense I am thinking. Seems she is in a spot like the apostles. Just say what God says to say - Just speak His word and let Him to the rest....
    I mean would they explain an earth quake that shook the jail apart and set them free as an act of GOD in this situation as they do floodes and storms and such ? LOL
    God Bless
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