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    In my life, I have been Christian, (Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian) Satanist, Athiest, Humanist, and Born-Again.

    I am separated from my wife of 10 years. I have no children.

    I live in the service of God and of my fellow human beings who need love.

    I am not weathly, nor do I desire wealth.

    I work in musical instrument sales.

    My philosophy: God if first, Everyone else on earth is second, and I am third.

  2. Kent, why do I feel a big change has come over you in the last week or 2?
    Do you feel it?
  3. At one point in my life I was pursuing a degree in Divinity. I had decided to finish the degree and join the Carmelite Order. While I was in this point of my life, I felt that a solitary life in poverty, humility, and silence was the best life I could give God.

    Unfortunately, I fell in love with a woman who would eventually become my wife of nearly ten years. This reltionship caused me to abandon my dedication to God. I don't blame my relationship with my wife for my days of sin, but she was the catalyst which lead me away from God.

    Recently, I have looked around the world with the eyes I once had. Funny, when you have nothing, the world becomes much simpler. God showed me my sins, and took away everything in my life that was contributing to my sin including my wife, my job, my wealth, my friends, and my family. I am alone now and at peace. I now live a humble life and subscribe to the philosophy, " I AM THIRD."

    So, to answer your question, my life has been little else but change for many weeks.

  4. Wow, is it alright to say I am really proud of you for your determination and dedication to serving the Lord?
    I am very respectful of your sincerity.

    Have you seen my thread, "Simplicity" in the home and garden section?
  5. Aside from the specifics of the first paragraph, I could have written this word for word. Sad that it sometimes is the greatest things in our lives that can cause us to drift from God. More sad that it sometimes takes the destruction of everything we identify ourselves with to come back to Him.
  6. Hello, greetings, and Love In Christ.

    Wow, I sound like a greeting card or something,

    But hello, and Love in Christ, just the same:)

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