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    I click on my profile and it says i don't have access to this function, why is that?

  2. You'll automatically get that access after 10 postings or a days membership whichever is later (i think).
    The board does this so we are not spammed by new members.
  3. And that was another suggestion. That these kinds of explainations be sent to a new member when they join so that every member doesnt have to ask why :)
  4. I'll take that on board for the new software. If I have time, I'll make changes here too.
  5. Hey Jeff, I notice a lot of - if not the majority - of new members always ask why they cannot access their profile.

    To avoid explaining this over and over again, have you considered adding that in a message that is usually sent to members when they register? You know, along with the 'your registration is complete...' blah blah blah, you can add, at the bottom of the email something like this:

  6. That's what I had in mind too, Near. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
  7. It's nothing, Jeff. :D I know y'all get tired of saying the same thing over-and-over again and figure that's easier than explaining it.

  8. Haha..
    Hey Near, we'll actually be needing these suggestions when we switch to the new software so I am listening to everyone for future implementation.

  9. That's what I was saying :) Explaining they must post awhile before accessing it or PM or certain parts of the forum, posting links,etc
  10. Bien sûr.

  11. I didn't see it when I posted. Je suis désolé.


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