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  1. So maybe it is my ego; but we have a gentlemen at work who is fast, but I know i am just as fast, but always get treated like I do nothing compare to him hear it a lot but usually just don't care but when a manager seem to say the same tonight I got to the point I don't want to work in this department anymore.
    If he just left me in the dust always I wouldn't mind. But more days than not i am usually faster, don't get me wrong he has at times work faster but usually the other way around.

    Just really angry with busting my behind and getting treated like I don't do a thing.

    Pray and any advice would be appreciated plan on asking to be token out of this department. Since according to our O/N manager I don't work good enough, really sick of it.
  2. Hi JJ483,

    We will be praying for you!

    Before you make any move, please consider this one thing..... you are being persecuted and tried by the enemy...however if you can find it in your heart to humble yourself before the Lord, and walk in love, forgiveness and submission...crucifying your flesh, and keep walking in the spirit of excellence that God has placed within you, doing everything as unto the due time He will lift you up, instead of your trying to lift yourself up. And He will place you higher than you could ever get on your own.

    You have an opportunity to put aside your pride, and allow God to make you shine brighter than you could ever do on your own. For as you work in total joy and peace knowing that God is Whom you are striving to please and not your earthly bosses, you will be fully blessed.

    God bless you with an abundance of grace and peace.
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  3. I know a nurse who works in the operating room at a hospital, been there for years. There is a lot of staff turn over there, there is a surgeon who is demeaning and very hard get along with. Someone ask her how she works with him. Her reply..."I don't work for him, I do my work for the Lord."
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  4. I had a job where I was considered the tech fool. At the next I was the tech genius. I agree with Cturtle. This is all an attack from the devil. Just weather it. It could be God wants you elsewhere too.
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    I will certainly pray for you my friend but My dear friend.........please consider the fact that you need to be happy with you! I assume that you are a Christian and that means God is happy with you. That being the case then it does not matter if someone is faster, or better or taller or better looking. It is up to you to exhibit the grace and love of God in what you do so that others will see Jesus in you.

    1 Peter 2:23.......
    "When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to Him who judges justly."
  6. We are commanded to walk in Love and Forgiveness. This is a requirement if we want to see God move on our behalf. No way around this.

    When we practice both of those in our lives and work as unto God and not man then we have given place where God can come in and do things on our behalf. Far better things then we could have ever done our selves.

    The last several places I worked I had to truly work to keep the above working in my life. Some co-workers told me I was a fool for putting up with this stuff and striving for excellence in my work.

    Bottom line.....God made me shine.
    One job I ended up having the business given to me as the owner decided to do other things like raise their family.

    The other I ended up with a huge raise and basically ran not only my department but all 5 supervisors that came through would first try to change things and how I did things unto all of them apologizing to me and telling me to ignore them and what they said and do things the way I do them and it was cool because I ended up pretty much in control.

    So the moral of this is.......
    Do it God's way and come out shining
    Demand our rights and be at the mercy of others.


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