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  1. I'm not sure where to put this thread.

    Does anyone know how to delete several conversations without going to each one of them and 'leaving the conversation" ?
    I hope that completely deletes them just like the old private messages but I'm not sure. I have alot of old private messages I wanted to delete but not one at a time! There's got to be a way to delete them all at the same time
  2. I'm bumping this up for you Jeff, so you will see it
  3. I'll have a look and see what should be done.
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  4. OK thanks alot Jeff.
  5. And by the way Jeff, I really like your new avatar. It's cool!
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  6. Yeah you two look like 2 peas in a pod, lol!!
  7. LOL. Yeah, we go together like bread and butter :p
  8. Hey GS..y'all would make a great two to together so good, hehehee.
  9. Jeff has the sword and you got the full armor:)
  10. I see there are two options though, you can leave, but in case the other wants to continue, you will hear from them: or just leave it altogether where they cannot continue with you. In this case I'd only leave the older ones from way back that I know I won't be needing again.

    So if we both leave the conversation completely then it would, in effect, be the same as deleting, if it was only the two of you in the talking, correct?
  11. If you leave, you wont see anymore till someone invites you and yes if all participants leave, then the message is deleted from the database.
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  12. Alright thanks

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