Principalities Of God

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  1. God's Principalities

    God's Principalities leads to all Principalities in exact order not one of God's principles will over step the other, this starts with God's meaning and ends with our destination.
    I can't express the importance of this revelation of God's principalities. Our Children are getting filled with the devils opposing principalities which starts with deception and finishes with self image. To understand is to be understood is it not? In the next thread by the revelation of God will show how the devil opposes each principal of our God.

    Meaning/initiative is the intent of purpose by reasoning.
    Reconciliation is the reconciling of the meaning's purpose.
    Creation is the purpose of the meaning/initiative through the reconciliation formation.
    Teaching is for the explanation of the purpose.
    Guidance is for the purpose of the teaching.
    Choice is for the exception or denial of the purpose.
    Destination is the result of the choice.

    Meaning is the purpose of God Almighty and by His reasoning of intent through the
    reconciliation of His Son our Lord Jesus all the invisible and the visible creation came into existence for Him and by Him and nothing that was created did not subside Him.
    Teaching is from the meaning of God almighty reasoned through reconciliation of His Son Lord Jesus by the transmission of the Holy spirit for the written Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth the (BIBLE)
    Guidance is the gift of the Holy Spirit freely given to us by God almighty through our Lord Jesus Christ laying down His life on behalf of world enabling those who believe in Him to be born new in the way the truth and the life which if found in Him by the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    Choice is John 3:16 God almighty so loved the world he gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life or not to believe in Lord Jesus sent by God Almighty to receive eternal life. God Almighty seeks a relationship by choice not by force.

    There is a old saying to be or not to be is the question?

    Destination is the result of choice.

    In Jesus name

    Brother in Christ
  2. There is a old saying to be or not to be is the question? =

    "To be, or not to be" is the opening phrase of a soliloquy in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.Shakesphere!!!

    Another old saying............"Choices lead to habits, habits lead to destiny".

    Another old saying............"Come to Christ and be saved while there is yet time to be saved"!

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