prince of the air

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  1. prince of the air

    or should we say airwaves,radio puppets.:eek:
  2. I wondered where that static was coming from. I wish the non -elect would understand that.
  3. We are all guilty of evil intentions becoming thoughts, As our lord said once you have cleaned your house be careful because it will find no rest and find others worse then itself and try to brake back in, if this happens you will be worse then you were before.
    So I know there are demons and the devil intentions floating out there in the air, as he is the prince of the air. We are conductors of frequencies some yield and some repel by the Spirit of God, the question is what happens to our evil intentions created once cleaned born again. Is it living enery that hangs around and thrown into the pit at the appointed time. I know that there are two of me in me as God binds me up from the new me.
  4. be careful folks there are a lot of leeches about,who would love to use you.:eek:
  5. Radio noise in radio reception is the superposition of white noise (also called "static") and other disturbing influences on the signal, caused either by thermal noise and other electronic noise from receiver input circuits or by interference from radiated electromagnetic noise picked up by the receiver's antenna

    anything else is the result of watching to many stephen king movies:eek::p
  6. So I take it that you don't believe in the darts of the devil.

  7. Why do you presume that?

    I gave a logical and known valid reson for radio wave static and you take that as me not believing in 'darts' of the devil....

    Show me where the Bible says 'darts' of the is a term I have never heard of before...if you are refering to demons...I understand from the numerious biblical evidences that they appear in direct form (as in pigs and talking clearly)

  8. Paul had a thorn a demon.Check out the sermons i posted very eye opening indeed Yeshua is LOrd.God sees.I aint ignorant of the devils deviices.God bless you univac and all who truly are His.Repent the kingdom of God is near and the hour of trial is at hand.You will all see it come to pass with your own eyes ay God have mercy on those who are truly His and keep them safe in the Mitghy Name of Yeshua of nazareth.
  9. Sorry if I was speaking in a terminology. I refer to influence of desires from temptations that are intensified in us by his devises through ourselves (emotions)
    The devil is a real virus in us, but not to say we are not to blame for our actions. Like a magnet he is there, working in his way to turn us from God.
    That’s why we must wear our full amour of God against him for his Attacks (darts).

    I wasn’t speaking logically on the concept of man made devises, as waves but the original concept of creation. God speaks to us through energy waves in his temple with in us. As the devil intrudes in us and deceives us
    If we allow him to. As he deceived eve by lies.


    God bless
  10. i,d be more worried about the words coming out of the mouth,s of people,and analyse this,then you will understand what i mean.
  11. A friend of mine was speaking at a local Church. He was talking about how that even though we could not here them at the moment we were constantly being bombarded by ungodly broadcasting and that the airwaves were never empty. Just then a car must have driven by with a powerful Citizens Band Radio (the were way more popular then) and came booming across the entire PA system. It was as if God was confirming what he was saying.
  12. There is a verse like that and I am still looking for it . Here is one

    1 Peter 5:8
    Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
  13. Found it ....
    Ephesians 6:16 ......Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.


  14. hi

    Thank you Dusty...I can honestly say I have never noticed that.

    I want to clarify...I believe in demons as I do angels ...they can influance us but not control us(they cannot reside where the HG does). I do beleive they are all around us...but they are nto rsposible for everything we do not understand or cannot explain...white white noise...radios static is just radio static...BUT both can be used as a tool of satan.:)
  15. Yes Techie .... I understand where you are coming from.

    We are not to entertain any of these satanic powers but be aware that were are fighting against principalities and powers in high places and satan can send his demons to tempt us but by the powers of Jesus Christ we can resist because we have put on the full armour of God to withstand the wiles of the devil

    Praise His Holy Name .

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