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  1. Howdy all!

    I haven't been keeping up with evolutionary science lately as it relates to the secularist worldview, however, is the prominent theory among secularists on the origin of life still the primordial soup theory (PST)? From what I have read so far, is the PST is receiving increased scrutiny and may soon be replaced by (yet another) theory, if it hasn't already. Is the PST still being taught via U.S. textbooks? Any and all help is appreciated.
  2. I believe (though I don't keep on top of this stuff either) that is the most common notion. There isn't much else they have to work with.
    The notion that "life came from another planet" just "kicks the can down the road" and doesn't explain much of anything.
    What does is matter?
    You are not going to convince them that an immaterial and eternal God created life any more than they are going to convince you that dirty water and static electricity makes life.
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  3. Thank you. It matters only that I have the most current origin of life theory correct. I am in a dialogue with a nonbeliever and touched on this a bit but redirected the conversation because evolutionary/origin of life theory is not our main conversational focus.

    On a side note, yet, they are just kicking the can down the road (so to speak). I have also read that universe origin theorists are abandoning the big bang theory as they are starting to concede that there must have been intervention for the big bang theory to take place. Now I'm hearing all types of craziness like alternate universes and whatnot.
  4. Yes, the Big Bang theory does require a "primum mobile", which can only be God, and that kind of sticks in their craw.
    I would point out to them that while they are pondering what happened 13 billion years ago the world is rotting around their ears right now.
    They would be advised to pay more attention to now.
    Alternate universes cannot be proven or disproven (that's why it's popular with the nutcases).
  5. Agreed. It always comes back to....."Who struck the match"!

    Now with PST it is life evolving from dead stuff. Life from dead things like rocks and dirt and volcanic ash.
    No wonder my eyes itch a lot!
  6. What Paul called "so called science" has been forced, compelled and driven by the force of its own logic to confess the truth that all things started from one point .
    But as they only observe what they can see with thier eyes .They come up with a big................................................BANG!
    Which in effect is a childs description of an explosion . For what they describe is in fact a BIG explosion. But they cannot call it the big explosion thoery or can do no longer is because any one with an ounce of understanding rejects this new immaculate conception.
    Because explosions are destructive not creative .
    and a sall immaculate conceptions dazzle the imagination but blind the mind to the truth . then this big bang theory denies both God and the truth .
    and they cannot 'see' it even if its right before their eyes.
    But as the scripture says "man looketh on the apearence but God looketh on the heart"
    So too then in a superficial way evolution would SEEM to have a case.
    Its only when you strat digging or searching with the eyes of understanding that you see or understand that it does not hold any water at all .Expecialy when you think of the lwas of physiacs and other similar 'invisible' things that evolution does not and cannot take into account.

    In truth the church needs to wake up and stop compromising with the world and stop bowing down at the alter of science .
    The Bible has more science in it than in thier little finger and science has a long way to catch up if it ever could.
    The people fo God then need to understand that the Worlds were created by God as HE said it was created . and as it si written.
    and w eneed not for peace sake or "persecution for the Words sake " either mix truth with error or deny the truth all together (pretty much the same thing)
    and if we desire to know "Him who was from the beginning " We will need to know and believe His word "in the beginning "

    in Christ
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  7. And God has given us the gift to discover His ways. Though they do not know it, scientists have discovered faith. It's truly amazing God's work! How can it not be amazing? He's an amazing God!!!
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  8. Men who deride and mock faith do but undermine thier own . For all men have faith and most of the world works by it .
    The trouble is that what people put thier faith in is either unreliable or is "temporal" and is passing away.

    Scientists simply put thier faith in their "own understanding" seekign to subject all things to the mind and intlillect of man.
    Even the best of them are as men groping in the dark.

    In Christ
  9. Indeed, but is every word uttered by a Christian the truth? So why believe everything a man discovers is a lie? Yes, their understanding is darkened, but you can you use your own mind through Christ to understand the universe. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water :) Proverbs 25:2
  10. Thats not what I meant at all.
    But should a christian speak anything else but the truth?
    and while not every man always speaks a lie.
    Men who neither can recognise the truth about themselves who they do know .Will not recognise the truth about God who they dont .
    and men unwilling to be led to the truth about themselves who they do not will be as equaly if not more unwilling to be eld to the truth about God who they do not .
    But a man who does not speak the truth about himself who he does know ,will not then speak the truth about God who he does not.
    Men may think they understand the universe. Even as men may think they understand God .
    But the more men peer into the universe a wise man would say he knows next to nothing .
    Only the Son knoweth the Father and the Father the Son.
    and a man may know the Son if the Father draw him.
    How does God draw a man?
    "as the serpent was lifted up in the wilderness so shall the man be lifted up and if the Son of man be lifted up I will draw all men unto me"
    In that it says ALL then all men will be drawn.
    But the unregenerated man does as Stephen says of it "Ye do always resist the holy Ghost"
    It truly is then by the grace of God that we ever came to a saving knowldge of Jesus Christ .
    Should a Christian be found to eb lying? No he should not.
    For the devil is the father of all lies .
    and the devil is not "Our father" who art in heaven.
    For it si Christ that dwells in us .
    But let us not be wise in our own eyes and think like Peter that the light that he has recieved is all the light that there is .
    For when the Lord began to give them more light as to his comming rejection and crucifixition . Peter became a mouthpeice of the devil.
    In many ways this insident reflects many if not all the various denominations .Who each in thier turn and one succeeding the other recived more light than the one before . But the one before thinking it had all the light refused what God then gave more when he went "a little further"
    Thus each in turn like those of the tower of Babel built each a tower of 'truth' making "a name for themselves " and instead of going out into all the world stopped going and stayed and the fire has gone out .
    So now those self same denominational heads are no l.onger speakign the truth but are in a reverse reformation as well as conforming to the world in its human rights and subjective equality.
    Do i say every one? Nope.
    But what does the scriptures say?
    "Behold I stand at the door and knock and if any man has ears to hear and opens the door to THEM will I and the father ..........."
    Make no mistake .I am not deriding what we call science. But I am aware that Pauls said of it "so called science" and I am aware that todays science is becoming more and more corrupt and perverted in its use .
    How can it be otherwise when they do not retain the knowledge of God in thier minds but fill it up with thier vain theories?

    in Christ
  11. No evidence of PST only conjecture (appeal to authority) and consensus (argumentum ad populum) which both are logic fallacies
  12. I think scientist are just confirming that man indeed came from dust....

    Genesis 3:19New King James Version (NKJV)
    19 In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread
    Till you return to the ground,
    For out of it you were taken;
    For dust you are,
    And to dust you shall return
  13. Primordial soup: I google why it was called "soup" ...

    "Soup" as in complete ingredients: from atmosphere… and dust is indeed found in atmosphere….
    Primordial soup" is a term introduced by the Soviet biologist Alexander Oparin. In 1924, he proposed a theory of the origin of life on Earth through the transformation, during the gradual chemical evolution of molecules that contain carbon in the primordial soup. Biochemist Robert Shapiro has summarized the "primordial soup" theory of Oparin and Haldane in its "mature form" as follows:[1]
    1. Early Earth had a chemically reducing atmosphere.
    2. This atmosphere, exposed to energy in various forms, produced simple organic compounds ("monomers").
    3. These compounds accumulated in a "soup", which may have been concentrated at various locations (shorelines, oceanic vents etc.).
    4. By further transformation, more complex organic polymers – and ultimately life – developed in the soup.

    see, from atmosphere, and what contained in atmosphere, dust : )
    Dust consists of particles in the atmosphere that come from various sources such as soil, dust lifted by weather (an aeolian process), volcanic eruptions, and pollution
  14. Yes God created all the elements and energies and used these in forming all things, however the PST says that life is merely the evolution of matter (a stage reached by chemical coincidence)

    Science does not and cannot assess the notion of God
  15. Yes, indeed.
    although.... I should have said "Science" instead of "Scientist" in post #12...

    Science is neutral (what is seen/observed) … those Scientists (man) are biased indeed , Godless indeed with their speculation, conclusions..
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    On "Conclusion":

    Science appeal to man, I think because of consistency…."prophetic" or predictive result…

    Science follow rules: the Scientific Method:
    1. Identify the problem.
    2. Gather information
    3. Test and test and test… should show the same result: that is: Predictive…

    Then, here is the controversial part : )

    4. Formulate conclusion…

    Conclusion is no longer in the realm of Science… it is in the realm of Philosophy, Logic….,

    Godless people/bias will form Godless conclusions…

    ie: "Darwin's Evolution".. "PST" are false Science as I see it....
  17. and pray where is God in all this?
    and if you deny what God says happened as to how man was created how then can you believe anything?

    "Early earth had a chemically reducing atmosphere " and you base that assertion on ................................................?
    By what law/s does life come out of nothign that is not life?
    and go down the road a little and tel me what proof is there that one species can evolve into another?
    Or for that matter one king can mate with another kind.
    You then make a fasmigorical leap from a 'soup' to "life"
    It simply will not do.

    What I find strange is why people who believe God for thier salvation will not or do not believe God for thier creation.

    in Christ
  18. Your right . an argument and or logic founded upon a false premise no matter how logical will always arrive at a false conclusion.

    In Christ
  19. The only primordial soup I believe in is this one:


    Green broth, a traditional Portuguese dish with cabbages and chorizo.

    God is the creator of all things!
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  20. Everything, including the soup, is held together by Jesus:

    Colossians 1:17 (ESV)
    17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.​

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