Prickly heat

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  1. Prickly heat

    Has anyone here ever had prickly heat?
    And if so, has anything you tried ever helped? :(
  2. Just some good old fashioned dollar store medicated powder should do the trick.
  3. I know about those already, but thanks anyway.
    This is bad. It hasn’t even gotten hot out yet this year. I haven’t had prickly heat in years, and then it was real hot and I was working all day. Today wasn’t that hot, and I wasn’t working that hard.

    Oh well, I’ll just have to see if it gets worse or better tomorrow.
  4. I pray in Jesus' name it is better tomorrow and it is. Amen.
  5. What, exactly, IS that, anyway? I've heard the term, but always stuck it in the category of old-timey medical terminology like consumption, ague, and the rheumatiz.

  6. It’s like a heat rash, but the pores of the skin get plugged up too.
    I’d rather take the pain of a tattoo. Feels about the same, but the tattoo pain only lasts a few hours.
    But I think Marks prayer worked. (thanks Mark) It is better today. :D

    I use to get it a lot when I was in the service. They didn’t let us lounge around with shorts very often. :rolleyes:
  7. Down south with the heat and humidity it is jock rash that will get you- I would rather have pneumonia.:eek:
  8. First , I think it would be a good idea to check with your doctor to see if that is really what it is.
  9. Dean .... there is also an oatmeal bath that you can put in the water. I forget the name but ask your pharmacist.
  10. I posted yesterday…

    It’s never gotten better that quick before.
    What Mark prayed for is exactly what happened.

    I worked most of the day out in the sun building a new railing for a deck. No problems.
    Well... maybe just one... :eek:

    Has anyone ever had a sunburned bald head?
    And if so, has anything you tried ever helped? :D

    I'll have to remember to wear my head gear today. :eek:
  11. Smelling like Easter really helps! :p Yeah, just dab a cotton ball soaked in vinegar on your head. He takes away the pain and heals it too. And makes you have Easter feelings! :D

    Also, my dad got Malaria in the Army and he would say that about the heat. He got Shingles a few times from Malaria. I don't know if it was treatable or not. Not that that's what you have. My dad got it in the jungles of some place her served.
  12. Hi Dean!!!:D

    I get sweat-rashes a lot on my neck. The sweat does something to my skin when it just stays there and it makes this awful rash that itches and yet hurts to scratch. I found that if I wear a headband and keep the sweat off my skin, it doesn't cause a rash.

    Also, for years I would get this awful rash on my chest and I thought it was just heatrash. But I went to the doctor and he said that it was something-or-other. I don't remember what he called it, but there's a steroid cream that I rub on it now and POW! It's gone the next day.

    Maybe the sawdust is getting to you too? To me, sawdust is like no other irritant in the world. Shame, too...because I like building things. But as soon as I get sawdust on my skin I rinse it off with the hose.

    Poor guy. I'm praying for ya, buddy!;)
  13. I was just going to say that Dusty... Oatmeal is great for a variety of ichy skin problems. Even chicken pocks and poison ivy or oak.
  14. Hey .... Good old Canadian remedies ..... eh ?

  15. Oatmeal is good, but don't bother buying special preparations at the pharmacist. Just take some good old fashioned rolled oats and put them in the toe of an old stocking, tie it off and drop it in the bathtub while you run the hot water. Swirl it round a bit, add body and soak.


  16. We use vinegar for sunburns also. Works overnight.
  17. I was putting fiberglass insulation in my walls last week. Vinegar helps remove those itchy pieces of glass that get left in your skin.
  18. Yes, I’ve heard about the vinegar treatment before.
    My head was only a little sunburned, the shoulders a little more, but not bad enough to blister or peal. Just a little red.

    I still remember when I was a kid. Our family and a few other families when floating down the apple river in Wisconsin. (back when it was better for families) My dad was one of those guys that never got any sun, then he was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts on the river, in an inner tube. The front of him from head to toe was so sunburned, he blistered up and missed an entire week of work. All he could do was lay on his back in bead and my mom had to change the dresings twice a day.
    He never did that again. :eek:
  19. Ouch! I have sensitive skin and get all sorts of rashes. A few weeks ago I sun buned my feet (had flip flops on), I guess my feet were wet and cold or some thing 'cause the sun burn looked motled just like my skin, nice.:eek:

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