President Trump

Discussion in 'Events' started by THALLON, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. well, if elected,
    will probably be the richest president in history of the usa
    and the oldest, even older than Reagan.
    and why would Americans vote for such a man?
    why would you do that?
    He says what he thinks, and when your worth 3 plus billion dollars and 69 years of age
    do you really care what other people think?
    Are not the other republican candidates just more stuffed shirt politicians with their heads
    stuck in the political correctness cloud of the 1990's?
    Every so often you need someone like trump, like Nixon, to shake it off..
    you need Marco Rubio to be his vice president, just to give that youthful complexion
    with a touch of florida hispanicness
    and to take over should trump fall off his chair and break a hip or something.
    What will president trump bring to the USA,
    one can only wonder, yes you can.
  2. We will get who we deserve.
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  3. hahah, you said that right
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  4. At this point I think bernie will take it (unfortunately) I'm going for Carson personally.

    Either way God is still God and the world keeps spinning.
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