President Trump: be afraid

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do you think Donald will be President

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    if you vote for Hilary you can expect the USA to continue just as it is now,
    up and down but sideways,
    President Trump
    will be a different kettle of fish,
    you have to ask yourself what will president trump do about
    or China building military bases on islands it doesn't own,
    or Russia
    or the middle east,
    someone who has come out and said he supports waterboarding etc
    strikes me as a confrontationalist, a get tough and take action man
    EVEN if it bankrupts the nation,
    or WORSE it leads to Nuclear war.
    then again Hitler got everything he wanted, cause the world, even china and Russia
    are full of insipid spineless politicians only interested in their own self preservation.
    Lets face it Putin is a multi billionaire from milking the ignorant Russian people,
    and north Korean kim sung whoever is hardly someone you would look up to.
    Then again a President Trump might just be someone who
    likes to be in the limelight, just another entertainer, all talk.
    of course i'm not telling you
    to be afraid,
    that's just a term,
    we have our Hope in Jesus and are called to
    pray for our Government no matter who is in there,
    even if we have strong opinions about them.
  2. I agree that Hillary is just another Obama. She has made that crystal clear.

    You are wrong about Trump. I think most can relate to him. I would rather have him trying to do a deal with N Korea and Iran over Hillary or Bush. He has no quams with Putin. In fact he respects him more then Obama. He has made that clear. Putin is not milking the ignorant Russian people. You make wild claims :giggle:. You should start a youtube propoganda channel ;).

    I want your president to be Trump for your own good. But I think you are going to get Hillary :whistle:....
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  3. Hi,
    1. i'm not American so trump isn't my president, I would vote for Hilary.
    2. putin is milking the Russian people, he has a multibillion dollar mansion on the black sea, but yes it is a wild claim cause I can't verify anything,
    I only read the news not make it,
    oh and bumping off reporters or enemies using radioactive stuff, who did that? who took down a billionaire who was opposed to putin?
    no not putin who played musical chairs with his mate for the prime minister and president jobs.
    3. if you listen to a person and the way they talk you can tell a lot about them, Trump is not good. He argues by debasing his opponent but not on policy, do you want someone like him
    in charge of the nuclear afraid.
    4. Jesus Christ is returning, be sure of it.
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    2.You do need to provide facts when making such claims. Personally I don't see him needing such a huge place or ever being dumb enough to think he can get away with it.
    3. Hillary with a say on Nukes when she is under investigation for leaking classified information....?
  5. I will vote for Trump.
  6. from Wikipedia,
    While officially dismissed in 2010 by Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov,
    it has been claimed that the dacha was built for the personal use of President Putin,
    and that its construction began during his first Presidency.
    Detailed claims about the project, which allegedly made improper use of state resources,
    were made by Sergei Kolesnikov, a businessman with ties to Putin dating from his time in Saint Petersburg prior to entering Kremlin politics.
    In December 2010 Kolesnikov wrote an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev
    detailing the involvement of himself and others in the project and calling for Medvedev to investigate and to take action against corruption in Russia.
    Good quality photographs of the palace and its extensive grounds were subsequently published by the Russian language Wikileaks website in January 2011, which showed the apparently complete lavish interior decor. Following the release of the photographs the site was temporarily blocked.
    Spokespeople on the behalf of Putin and the Russian government have consistently dismissed Putin's connections to the property
    and the related allegations of corruption.
    In February 2011 the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported that it had seen documents which supported Kolesnikov by implicating Vladimir Kozhin,
    Head of the Presidential Property Management Department, who had denied any involvement.
    A spokesman refused to comment on the Novaya Gazeta article.
    The presence of Federal Protective Service (FSO) activity in the area has been claimed as further evidence of state involvement.
    In April 2011 PPMD head Vladimir Kozhin admitted Kremlin involvement with project when he said that his office was contracted by Lirus Management
    (Rosinvest, a subsidiary of Lirus, was directly financing the construction of Palace) to carry out the contract for the construction of the palace.
    In March 2011 it was reported that the company "Idokopas" which owned around 67 hectares of "recreational" land near the settlement of Praskoveyeka, including a "guesthouse" complex amounting to 26,000 square meters, had been sold for $350 million to Alexander Ponomarenko, a businessman and billionaire with links to Putin who made his money by ....
    etc etc etc

    Putin is the CZAR of Russia and will get what he wants,
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.....
    Alexander Litvinenko at University College Hospital
    Alexander Litvinenko was a former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and KGB, who fled from court prosecution in Russia and received political asylum in the United Kingdom. On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He died three weeks later, becoming the first confirmed victim of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome. Litvinenko's allegations about the misdeeds of the FSB and his public deathbed accusations that Russian president Vladimir Putin was behind his unusual malady
    ......."the evidence suggests that the only credible explanation is in one way or another the Russian state is involved in Litvinenko's murder...
    what about....
    Boris Abramovich Berezovsky
    a Russian business oligarch, government official.
    Berezovsky was politically opposed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, since Putin's election in 2000 and remained a vocal critic of Putin for the rest of his life......
    OOPS THAT WAS A SHORT LIFE....Berezovsky was found dead at his home in Berkshire, 2013. A post-mortem examination found that his death was consistent with hanging and that there were no signs of a violent struggle] However the coroner at the inquest into Berezovsky's death later recorded an open verdict.
    what about.....a wide-ranging investigation by the International Federation of Journalists into the deaths of journalists in Russia was published in June 2009.
    At the same time the IFJ launched an online database which documented over three hundred deaths and disappearances since 1993..

    nuh, just imagining things, putins a nice guy,
    so is that other guy...Donald trump...wait till that guy has the FBI and CIA and homeland security at his call, and the nuclear codes.
    My advice is if Donald trump becomes president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    if you are a journalist or senator or congressman, or someone with a bit of backbone, you should make plans to live abroad,
    maybe a little island in the pacific under an assumed name cause all those scary conspiracy movies might just come true.
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  8. I don't think Hilary will ever be president,
    the republicans will try to oust trump but fail
    then trump will easily beat Hilary.
    for a while all shall be happy....
    then dark days are coming,
    storms and despair for all mankind,
    wars and persecutions, laws and lawlessness,
    the shopping plazas empty, the cities burned,
    the dead everywhere unburied,
    may it not happen but who can hold it back when it comes?

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