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  1. How would you present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others? What exactly would you say? How would you use your Christian experience to aid you?
  2. Start with Prayer and listening to the Holy Spirits leading....How about that pdf I sent you ? It had the easiest scriptures to use there Juk
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  3. The Holy Spirit will give me the words and its different for each person but if that person asks I tell them my testimony and also the basics - Jesus is the son of God, He died on the cross for our sins (me and you) and rose alive on the third day. He is in heaven now, and wants us to know God our Heavenly Father, so we can become His children.
    To be a christian is to believe God and the one He sent.
    If have a Bible I can show them scriptures - and say they can read for themselves its all written there. Also Pray for that person.

    Everyone is different just follow the Holy Spirits leading. You plant may not know if they grow it is God who gives the growth.
  4. That's the problem. I don't know how to hear the Holy Spirit.
  5. Juk you will know if the Spirit is calling you to witness or not. I often witness simply by sharing my faith when I meet people, or I'll bring up God in a conversation.
  6. Here is a situation:
    I was asking God to show Himself this girl for a while, and yesterday, I was reading the Bible in class. She likes to play around with me and she took my computer and saw that I was reading the Bible. She asked me why I was reading the Bible and I acted stupid and said "because". I had already messed up a different chance, and I thought that I messed up this one as well. I asked God for another chance once again. I was reading the Bible last night, but I still was ashamed and angry with myself for how I acted. And then something came to mind.
    A week before that, I was ashamed with myself for acting rude to a teacher. I asked God to show me how I can rid myself of the guilt. Later, I felt extremely compelled to write an email apology, so I believe that God has answered me through that.
    So while I was reading the Bible, I felt extremely compelled to write an email clearing things up. So this morning, that was one of the first things I did.
    Do you think that this was God guiding me? I certainly believe so.
  7. If you don't think it will be weird or anything. Since she knows you read the Bible you could just tell her next time you see her that you were reading it because you are a Christian. If she has questions explain to her what you believe.
  8. I did tell her I was a Christian, in that email.
  9. Yes, God will always want you to do what is right, for He is righteous.
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  10. The thing is that I have a problem hearing God on a more personal level, as opposed to reading the Bible. I want God to guide me, but I don't think He is, or I am not aware of it happening.
  11. He is and He will. Dont stop reading the Bible. Where are you up to?
  12. Question: Why you are reading the bible?
    suggested answer: of course!

    Just kidding, although “of course” can be a start : )

    Suggest: you quote a bible verse or a song of praise…
    The bible speaks the Truth… and when a sheep heard the Truth, they will take heed to know more of the Truth...

    Say for example: “of course, man does not live by bread alone….”

    Although, am trying to remember when I was 12, when I heard that…. i think my reaction was: of course, aside from bread, man needs water as well? : )

    but I think, just the same, say it nevertheless...."in season and out of season"

    in due time, it will bear His time.....

    In His Time
    "In His time, in His time,
    He makes all things beautiful, in His time,
    Lord, please show me everyday,
    As You're teaching me Your way,
    That You do just what You say, in Your time.

    In Your time, in Your time,
    You make all things beautiful, in Your time.
    Lord, my life to Your I bring,
    May each song I have to sing,
    Be to You a lovely thing, in Your time"
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  13. that’s why am kind surprised at your age, you ask very good questions..

    or maybe am not exposed to bible studies when I was at your age…

    I’ve been a member Church choir when I was young…

    I found it a good thing that we memorized songs of praise, of worship…. and I found that useful as I grew older….

    Although I do not really have a good voice, it is just my mother kinda have an “influence” with the Church people and the choir master back then…. : )
  14. I just open the book and start reading. Then I write down what I learned.
  15. Juk have you ever prayed before reading and ask Him to guide you and make an adventure out of it ? Another good way is to look for scriptures that would work in your life right where you are at.

    I read the nt from beginning to end over and over and over. Some days I would get it all read and other times 3 or 4 days and then start over. I did this for months. Even if you do not think you are getting anything out of it you are. God can bring it up when you need it but He caan not pull scripture or His word up from your heart if it is empty or hardly full.

    Now I have no plan. I will have a scripture on my heart and dig into it and He just seems to pull me all over His word both new and old showing me things or parts of His word that go together. Listen Brother God can make an adventure out of tking the trash out if you allow Him to.

    God Bless you my friend
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  16. I do ask God for wisdom and to guide me before every reading.
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  17. That is always a GOOD THING Brother Juk. Something that changed things for me as well was every time I turned around I thanked Him that I get a deeper understanding of His word.
    I sometimes just said Thank you lord God for the Blessing is teachingme your word. I thanked Him sometimes for the fact that His word was alive in me and came alive as an adventure as I read.

    I began doing all of this long before it was this way and now that it is I still keep on thanking Him. Faith moves the Heart of God.
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  18. I think He was guiding you also.
    Bro, just be honest with her about the situation. You were caught off guard, most people at school wouldn't think it's cool (insert current vernacular for "cool" if needed) to be reading the Bible.
    Tell her that you wanted to be honest with her and let her know you were praying for her and whatever else that wouldn't sound creepy or get you accused of stalking. :D
    If she is a decent person, it will warm her heart and then ... only God knows.
    If not, you are still true to yourself and maybe this seed will grow later for her. Either way, job well done.
    Courage, young Juk
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  19. So far you have recieved some solid wisdom here and I will also stress listening to the Holy Spirit's lead.
    I am lousy when it comes to small talk so unless there is something else I know I can lead in with (similiar experience, obvious concern, etc...).

    For a long time I was often stymied by those who told me they were already Christian. Whe the Spirit is telling me that I need to speak with the person about salvation, how do you go from there without them feeling insulted and walking away?
    In a nutshell, here is my general cold greet approach.
    In as friendly a manner as I can...

    Introduce myself.

    Ask "Are you Christian?".

    If they say "No", then I get into the law and explain the gospel.

    If they say "Yes", then I ask them What is a Christian?".
    That lets me know if they are saying it just because they are church a church member, or their parents were, or some other incorrect reason.

    If they demonstrate a false or poor understanding, then I get into the law and explain the gospel.

    If they demonstrate an understanding of the gospel (not just the feel good parts) and that a Christian is a person who follows Jesus, then I have found a brother or sister that I didn't know before.

    I cannot point out droves of people who have come to Jesus as a result of my witness, but I can show you those who understand. After that, it is between them and God.
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