presence of God

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  1. presence of God

  2. This man does not understand what it means to be a son of God.
    We are born again children of the Most High and have a standing invitation to come into the very throne room. Christ has removed the barrier and imputed His Righteousness to us. We as His children are always welcome before Him. We are the very temple of the Holy Spirit and the Living God dwells within us.
    The manifest presence of God should be the natural state for us to live in.
    Sadly I do believe that this man is a stranger to his own God.
    When Jesus rejected "religious "folks it was because of this - "I never knew you".
  3. Bo, I listened to this preacher, and I don't understand what you are saying about him. Can you explain a little further? I'll listen to it again to see if I can see what you do. ??

    OK, I listened to it again, and I guess I don't know what he means by the presence of God not being like streams of water, but more like in the O.T., and "dangerous" and fire and stuff. Like maybe he doesn't know first-hand what the presence of God is, or he fears it. ??

    Is he saying that we can't feel the presence of God in this day? Maybe we don't truely revere God like we should. Maybe he thinks we should not think of Him as a friend and someone who understands, but we should fear Him more. ?? Do you feel His presence in a different way, Bo?
  4. When he said it is dangerous to be in the presence of God . How could it be dangerous . ? In no way would God threaten us or put us in danger .

    We can't compare our experiences from the Holy Spirit like the experiences Moses had because he did not have the Holy Spirit living in him .

    We have the very presence of God living in us .

    He said we never sing about fire ... well I beg to differ with him because we have a song called Fire Fire Fire .... fire fall on me . The Holy Spirit can manifest Himself in amy way He wishes not just as a gentle breeze like he said .

    No , I think there is a lot that this guy is missing .
  5. Agreed 100%. This is the kind of stuff you will hear coming from the "frozen chosen" who do not know what it is to have God's manifest His glory to His kids.
  6. Interestingly God Himself compares the moving of the Holy Spirit to a River flowing from His very throne. It is just a religious man trying to keep others in the same bondage he currently lives in- that is always the nature of religion.
    When Jesus was crucified the Temple curtain dividing man form the Holy of Holies was torn from top to bottom signifying that Christ had made a way for the restoration of fellowship between God and man. What was lost in the garden had at last been returned and God and man can again walk in intimate fellowship.
  7. Oh, that was good what you said about it being different today because of the curtain being "torn from top to bottom to signify that Christ" is now in fellowship with us.

    So, it sounds like this guy is living in the Old T. and it is hard for him to visualize a loving God. It was that way with me for awhile. I think maybe he carried it a little too far, don't you? Flavio, what do you think of our comments? Are you a little surprised at them?
  8. no im not surprised, i just think your misunderstanding what he is saying.

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