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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. praying

    Jesus prays for us who don,t belong to this world.so we should pray for us as a whole too.we are all brothers and sisters so a general prayer christians should be done.

  2. This was actually what last Sundays service was about.
    Jesus' prayer for us: John 17
  3. SC; it is like Richard S said (you took the scripture right out of my mouth:p)

    John 17; Jesus was praying for those "whom the father had given" Him. Awesome chapter. Jesus on his knees before His father for US.

    I agree that we can and should and do pray for "the bride of Christ"
    when we minister to others with His Word and Holy Spirit.

  4. A good demonstration Dusty.

    Lets grow to maturity since this is granted in God. Isn't it? Lets pray AT ALL COSTS;
    1. Unceasingly
    2. As a backup force for the local church and the Entire body of Chist.
    3. For Israel, both as a nation and God's own People.
    4. And the people to whom we are submitted.(-Them in Authority.)-1Tim.2:1

    There's where this ends up building a character. And its better live righteously out of an inbuilt character than a daily struggle.
    (So let us do this from today on, everyday, till Jesus comes back.)

  5. Amen , Charles:groupray::groupray::groupray:

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