Praying Parents of Dead Girl Charged

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  1. Praying Parents of Dead Girl Charged

    "The parents of an 11-year-old Wisconsin girl who prayed instead of seeking medical help for the diabetic child are facing homicide charges in connection with her death."

    Full Story: ABC News: Praying Parents Charged With Homicide
  2. As well they should be. Faith without works is dead. Did they not realize that it is God who heals through medicine and Doctors also?
  3. That's pretty sad. How can people get caught up in this . It sounds like a cult who focus in on one thing instead of the whole gospel.
  4. Not only that, what better examples of crazy, delusinal "Christains". The anti-Christian community is going to dug this one so hard.
  5. there was a woman who touched Jesus,s clothes with faith.Jesus felt her faith and cured her.we are dead to works she did could save her only this case,we know nothing about what went on,i,m not God so my opinion is probably wrong,but sometimes things happen for a reason,she will be in a better place,condolances to the family.
  6. No one knows everything Mike but her parents watched her suffer, go into a diabetic comma and die while medical help was minutes away. Foolish does not began to describe them.
  7. we know satan binds people we know were the blame lies.i,m not condoning there actions,but satan is at fault not the parents.
  8. Mike - would you let one of your kids die needlessly? The parents are indeed at fault. If we perform (or refuse to perform actions and the result is death to someone we are held accountable.
  9. we will see m8.i do not judge them for i know not the story.but at the end the root of all problems which is satan will be removed.this is true.if at the end satan offers you eternal life from scientific methods would you accept,or would you have faith.i see lots of dangling carrots to move people towards evil,thinking it,s correct.Jesus is salvation this life is worthless,she will be in a better place.
  10. A simple question Mike - say your daughter is a diabetic. The medicine she needs is minutes away at a drug store. You decide not to go and she dies. Who is responsible?
  11. the one who gave her the disease.
  12. I have diabetes, and NO one GAVE it to me. I was diagnosed a few months ago with it, and I got it from eating WAY too much sugar. I gave it to myself. Of course, there are those who are born with it or get it as a child. I don't know what causes that, or if God gives it to them for some reason. Some illnesses are inherited from parents.
  13. God made heaven and earth,and men and women.his son is Jesus is salvation.
  14. I agree with Boanerges.

    When my grandmother couldn't breathe one night, we got her medical attention and she's still alive today. I am not trying to say that you shouldn't pray for people, but when someone is in critical condition you must get them medical attention. If you broke your arm, you would go to the doctor, right?

    If one of my horses fell and hurt himself and had cut, I would put a bandage on it and make sure it doesn't get infected. It's pretty much common sense. :)
  15. Mike ..... You cannot contract diabetes.
  16. Hi all this will be my first reading or post here as eaglegirl( my wife) just showed me the discussion.
    If my god did not want the doctors, nurses, or people of the medical profession to be used he would not of given them the knowledge he has or the ability to do the work they do. It is not for us as mere people to decide in what mannerr God wants to heal a person, he may well heal through prayer or he may have someone lay hands on a person, or he may want a person to go to a doctor. We are mere instruments to be used by god to carry out his work to glorify him, not to decide in what manner he is to do that work.
    I can speak of these things through the experience of having survied many heart attacks. Yes I went to doctors but it was god that did the healing through them. I have had so many heart attacks that in the doctors minds and the human way of thinking I should be dead.
    Do not limit god by limiting the instruments he may use to heal or bring some to the cross for salvation.
    God bless you all
  17. EagleGirl, I totally agree.

    My wife had contracted a permanent condition called Hypersensitive Pneumotitis (I'm sure I spelled it incorrectly). Essentially, she became hypersensitive to mold and became asthmatic. The allergist she went to (very experienced M.D.) told her she'd have it forever. She was put on asthmatic medicines and was constantly having issues breathing. She couldn't vacuum, she couldn't go outside on high-pollen days.

    One Sunday she was feeling extremely short of breath. During church services, she felt like God was telling her that she needed to forgive the business where she worked (they made her work in a building that had a high mold count, and we were preparing to sue for worker's comp)... she did so that very minute, and immediately afterwards, she said she felt like she could take a deep breath, and from then on was cured!

    Since then, she hasn't had asthma, and she hasn't had to use any medicines to combat it. She still has allergies, but there's nothing she can't do now. God is Good!

    I say all that to give you an idea of what my wife experienced. Yet, she agrees that one shouldn't take away a means for God to help you or your children. God gave doctors the knowledge to help you. To ignore this help is silly and irresponsible, according to my wife. I tend to agree.


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