Praying in Tongues

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  1. You have no proof to support that saying

    "You don't have to do any of the things Jesus said "they shall" do Jesus was saying that these things shall be done by those people but definately not by all of us"

    there is no time limit on what God said would happen so I choose to reject what you are saying. Also that scripture is very hard to miss is plan english...If you dont wan to accept it that is fine..but you do not need to make up things for which you have no proof. And you do have to do those says so.:)
  2. Cause and effect...

    Ahh, the ever changing, misinterpreted, intonations of the language of the internet!;)

    Brothers and Sisters, we shouldn't argue. I speak peace here in Jesus name.
  3. Not all Christians speak in tongues
    All Christians are brothers unto Christ Jesus
    Salvation is for all who believe
    Blessed are those who suffer!
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  4. Brother, I don't think I've ever heard it said any better!!!

    Yes Violet, the Bible says that. But that's kind of a loaded question. My best advice to you instead of directing you to a verse or two, would be to read the entire Chapters of 1Cor 12, 13, and 14. It's kinda tricky to take just one verse from those to explain tongues.

    I heard a really good example once about just taking a certain part of the Bible. A person could read just part of Psalms 14:1 to prove the point that God does not exist. Because part of that verse says "There is no God." It's only when you read the first part of the verse also that the full context comes into play. "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."

    This is definitely one of those issues that you simply cannot settle with one verse. But I'll be glad to give you my take on it.:)

    To the best of my understanding according to the teachings of Paul, he refers to tongues as personal prayer, not necessarily a congregational thing. The first few verses 1Cor 14 explains this best. He said that tongues edified self, but prophecy edified the Church. He goes on to say in verse 18 that he speaks in tongues more than anybody else, but goes onto say in verse 19 that words of understanding are better than unknown words in the Church.

    Now getting to your question about the interpreter, Paul says that tongues do not edify the Church, meaning does the Church no good unless someone can interpret the tongues someone is speaking. Just imagine listening to a conversation in Spanish(assuming that you do not speak Spanish) and that person is telling you how to do something. You're going to be stuck unless someone can tell you what that person has said. God needs no interpreter, because He understands all.

    So this is why Paul explained it this way. Hope this helps, but definitely don't take my word for it without reading those 3 Chapters.:)

    If a person is under the Holy Ghost, then they most definitely cast out devils, pick up snakes, and eat poison without being hurt!!! You have to remember, Jesus told his disciples that they would do greater things than He did.
  5. Thank you. I have never said that a person does not speak in tongues or cast out devils by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    I was simply saying not all Christians do!!!

    It is wrong for Jesus - reins for ever to say that we all shall, as in the way He put it;- shall means definitely will!!!

    There are Christians who definitely won't speak in tongues and they will be in Eternity with our Lord and Saviour!!

    To clarify the reason for my stance on this subject;
    I don't believe Christians have to speak in tongues and I believe that any sincere person who calls on the Lord and believes will be saved without condition of displaying spiritual gifts. I believe the gift you provide your neighbor and the love you give your brother will be far more beneficial then picking up snakes, kicking demons butts or speaking in tongues.
    I totally agree with Cliff and at the same time I will stand up for my brothers and sisters who do not witness such spiritual gifts

    Church we have brothers and sisters hurting and needing things from us without having them have to believe that by coming to Christ they also have to pray in tongues and work out the mystery to it all. I say we stick to the simple things and cook our neighbors meals, give to the poor, mow our sick peoples lawns. Be faithful in these things before believing we can ever be humble enough to show our spiritual gifts. Do what Jesus done isn't that what Christianity is? Being Christ Like
  6. This thread reminds me of an amusing story- a relative of mine was attending the New Orleans Theological Seminary- this was a southern baptist seminary ( good brothers) - he was dating a girl who attended a charismatic church- well one night after his date he was walking across the courtyard to his dorm and he started speaking in tongues- he immediately ran to his room and put a pillow over his head to cover his mouth because he was afraid of getting kicked out of seminary :)

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