Praying in Tongues

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  1. Praying in Tongues

    Greetings everyone.
    In my church i am part of the worship team, but i am the only one who cannot speak / pray in tongues.
    Everyone prayed for me the other evening to fill me with the spirit and be able to come out of my comfort zone and pray in tongues.
    I want to pray in tongues so much but i can't.
    I've tried to say what i've heard but i can't even do that.
    I don't know what i should do, i have prayed for it but still im stuck.

    Does anyone have any advice ?

    Thank you and God bless.
  2. Contrary to what your church is aparently teaching there is no corrilation with tongues and receiving or having the Holy Spirit, savation or the effectiveness of prayer to God.

    My advice is to stop beating yourself up and worrying over matters of no importance.

  3. Hello there.
    Didn't Paul, in the Bible, say that not everyone would speak in tongues?
    And isn't it a gift?
    Do we need to beg God for a gift?
    Should others pray or plead to God on your behalf for a gift for you?
    These are just my opinions.
    Aren't God's gifts given freely and don't need begged and pleaded for?

    Is it an issue of salvation for you?
    Didn't Christ die on the cross that you may have salvation?
    You were bought with a price and that was Christ's blood.
    Aren't we given grace by believing in and accepting Christ, period?
  4. not all get the gift of tongues,dont worry .i dont talk in tongues ,but i get help and learn a lot from the awake from the land of Gods commands and rebuke evil ,inside and out.
  5. Cliff, I agree with you, but he may belong to a church that teaches you HAVE to speak in tongues in order to attain salvation.
  6. I doubt that this is the case with God mademefunky. The reason being that those who teach "tongues" as salvational don't accept those into their assembly positions unless they have satifacterly demonstrated it.
    In other words he would have to have demonstrated speaking or praying in tongues before he would be allowed to participate with the worship team.
    There are many that while not doctrinaly stating this insinuate that speaking in tongues is evidence of being closer to God, or hint that those who do are better than those who don't. Or imply that it is somehow salvational in importance.
    What this results in is people struggling to demonstrate sincerely and truthfuly what some have imitated in order to impress others. Sincere people ( like Godmademefunky) who doubt their faith or their salvation or even more important God because they are being pushed to accept and demonstrate something that isn't there.
  7. Cliff, yes, and where does it say we have to prove our salvation to MAN in order to be accepted or go to heaven?
  8. violet

    I doesn't. . . That is the point. That is the false teaching and what those who teach it will be judged by God for.
    I only speak of this to hopefully help a brother get from under a buren that others have place upon him.

  9. There are other doctrines of man (denominational teachings) that are just as harful and just as false as "tongues".

    In Him
  10. Cliff~
    Right....and I wasn't disagreeing with you if that is what it sounded like, but agreeing~
  11. Jesus gave the gift of tounges the day the church was born as the holy Spirit fell upon the Apostles ( beforehand omly disciples) Mary the mother of Jesus physical body and all else there seeking God in prayer.
    I was given this gift and the Holy Spirit of God comes on me in power when I pray in the Spirit- THIS IS MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY- I won't debate the scripture over this as I am settled in my heart and see no point in argueing about it- If this helped anyone great - if you disagree great- I want all 9 of God's gifts in operation- want to see all of the 5 fold ministry in action- I want to bear all 9 of the fruits of the Spirit- but this again is my walk with Jesus and not an arguement.
  12. If he did it was not recorded in scripture.

  13. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement! It would seem as somebody gets things out of whack on every subject- receive all gifts the Lord gives you but remember all that is needed for salvation is the shed blood of our Lord!
  14. we know there are diffrent spirits.
  15. This probably is not going to be a very popular view on the subject but here goes. We have a few people in our church who speak in tongues but not a lot. I have never been comfortable with people who speak in tongues, and I hope that I never receive that "gift". There are many other gifts of the Holy Spirit that I would much rather have. I would find a new church if people tried to tell me that I have to speak in tongues.

  16. :D There was never a church before Pentecost- it was part of the church from the beggining- we are te church now :D
  17. I want to be in the will of God. Available and a good and faithful servant. If that involves "tongues" then so be it. If it doesn't then so be it. What ever gift of the Holy Spirit is given it is given at the will of the father at his will for his purpose.
    That I use as He wills, what ever gift that he gives is my only desire. If one digs ditches or washes bed pans to th glory of God. If they honor Him in what they do and are they are his just as much as, possibly more than those who are noted and bestowed with any or all gifts but don't use them to His glory.

    Many gifts or the false presentation of those more valued gifts is most prevelant in the aclaimed christian church and getting more prevelant with each passing day. "Tongues" is the most impressive, easiest to immutate and hardest to disprove making it the most abused amung those who seek for their own purposes and or to deceive.

    I don't doubt that "tongues" was and at the will of God still is manifest today. And just as I am sure of that I am sure that it has been over exagerated, abused and miss used.

  18. Speaking in tongues is a gift
    Not a requirement for your salvation.

    If they are pressuring you to speak in tongues or have made it a requirement to speak in tongues for either salvation or to be on a worship team, you may need to leave. Don't let people judge your walk with God as weak or inferior because you do not speak in tongues. .

    Don't worry over it, Be yourself, and most importantly be who God wants you to be.
  19. Gift of tongues

    False prophets is on the rise and the devil will find any way to deceive God's people. Be it healing, miracles, false teachings, wrong evidences etc etc.

    Even though I haven't received this gift, personal experience tells me that this gift is still available today. Like how Boanerges was saying, we should be willing to accept it in order to receive it. Jesus has not given instant healing to anyone through me but I know He can it do it through faith and prayer. Similarly, the gift of tongues is received by who are willing to accept it.

    I too won't argue with anyone on this subject. :D

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